Less known facts about DDLJ

An iconic love story, a movie that people just can’t seem to get over. It celebrates 25 long years. A movie that took Shah Rukh Khan to another level when it comes to fame, and made him Bollywood’s biggest heart-throb.

Both SRK and Kajol had acted together before, but their chemistry in DDLJ made them one of the hottest on-screen couples that Bollywood had ever seen. Here a few facts that you might not know about DDLJ

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Unbelievable that your body is capable of these things!

The human body is an amazing machine, there are so many things that we can do. We use our bodies every moment of our life yet we don’t know so much about them. The feats that the body can achieve can be more fantastic than the stretch of our imagination.

From the usual metabolic activity, unbelievable strength, complex functioning to breaking the obvious notion, some of these facts may seem weird but surely amaze you. Read on to find more.

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10 movies to watch when missing your friends

Back in the day, with all the work, college, busy schedules and family it used to be hard to catch up with our besties. Now, as we are put under a sort of house arrest by a tiny virus, we all wonder what a big part of our life are we missing without meeting our friends. These might be testing times for all relationships but with friends we don’t have to think worry, but we all do miss them.

But no sweat! The next time you miss your friends, you can pop on one of these epic movies based on friendship that will bring you comfort (you might even cry).

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Best dating apps for Indians – Which one’s for you?

The ongoing pandemic has pushed the digital ecosystem into an overdrive. Now we have apps to remind us to drink water, help us do yoga, pay all bills online, stay connected with friends and then there are Dating Apps. The dating and matching apps have become very popular and have seen a rush of activity lately. There are a bunch of such great apps. All you need to do to find your perfect match is swipe right or left.

However, a little research before you jump the gun doesn’t ever hurt. Click to read the article to know why Tinder might not be the best app for you to find your someone special or to know what’s all the hype around bumble or Happn.

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OnePlus Nord: Is it worth the price?

OnePlus has launched its most affordable smartphone with amazing specs. It has a 5G processor and comes with a 90Hz display with a 48-megapixel camera with a total of 6 camera setup on the whole phone (4 in the back and 2 in front) and with OIS (optical image stabilization) which helps in shooting really stable videos like other flagship phones. One of it’s superfeature is 60W warp charging which gives a day’s power in 30mins.

No doubt, the Nord will make you think twice before buying any other hyped phones like apple or Samsung. Nord is slim, it is high-tech with awesome camera and it’s affordable but there are few things missing, so is it worth your hard earned money? Check out the full article to know.

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Among Us- The Game That’s Blowing Up Gaming in 2020

Among Us is an online sci-fi murder-mystery multiplayer game. It has been making waves in the gaming scene ever since its release in 2018.

A few of the reasons why the game became so popular is that it doesn’t need sophisticated phones or PCs, it involves a lot of psychological play, bluffing, detective skills, it is really fast-paced and keeps you engaged all the time. I’d say you gotta play it once for sure. Read on to know why!

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Urban-desi artists you can’t miss listening to!

If you are someone who’d reach out for your headphones first thing in the morning and the last thing at night then you sure are someone who’s in love with music. And here’s a treat for all those who like to experiment with their music. As a music lover, I often get tired of istening to the same playlist and if that’s the case with you try some Desi-western music on my recommendation.

Well, for starters urban-desi music is, as the name suggests, a fusion of desi (Indian) and western music, and its the hottest thing around these days. If you’re considering updating in your playlist then these you should definitely check out these Desi-Western artists.

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