Star kids to be launched into Bollywood soon

Every year Bollywood industry comes up with a new bunch of talent who enter the industry with a bang to fulfil their dreams of becoming stars. Despite the calls for ending nepotism in the film industry it isn’t easy being a star kid.

They are compared with their parent(s) and ridiculed by many for getting a movie because of their lineage. Love them or hate them, have a look at these star kids to be launched into Bollywood soon.

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Foreign Actresses in Bollywood movies

Bollywood has the wonderful incorporation of various talents from all over the world. On one hand, actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone have ventured out of Bollywood to make their mark in Hollywood. Similarly, many foreign actresses in Bollywood movies have charmed the Indian audience.

A quick look at these actresses who rocked and dazzled the screen with their acting and looks in Bollywood movies.

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Bollywood fashion from the 90s that’s still in vogue

Classic trends always make their way back and it isn’t different for 90’s fashion. We loved them when they arrived and decades later, we still love them now. The 90s Bollywood fashion is still an inspiration for the millennials today.

You might have forgotten the imagery that created your sense of fashion so deeply but its impact was much long-lasting. We bring to you Bollywood fashion from the 90s that’s still in vogue.

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Taapsee is in Rajkumar Hirani’s next movie

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Rajkumar Hirani’s upcoming film will be based on Immigration, in which he can be seen playing the role of an NRI who moves from Punjab to Canada.

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is quite busy with her film projects these days. She will be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the yet-to-be-named movie. This is the first time Tapsee will be working with any of the Bollywood Khans. Read on to know more.

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Almost unrecognizable make-up transformations in Bollywood Movies

Bollywood has become very challenging. Everyone seems to be in a race to do something different and unprecedented. The actors are concerned about how well can they portray the characters. This may vary from looking extremely old to having specific facial features. Such transformations aren’t easy.

Here is a list of the most impressive makeover done in movies that make these famous faces almost unrecognizable.

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When Sanjay Dutt got depressed over a car!

Bollywood celebs are known to live flamboyantly but also under tremendous pressure. Actors have gone into depression because of competition, flop movies or broken relationships. However, the story of when Sanjay Dutt got depressed over a car is uniquely interesting.

Sanjay’s love for cars is a known fact and when a car like Rolls Royce Phantom in involved, things can get very emotional. Read on to know what made him sad.

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Divas before and after Plastic surgery

Bollywood celebrities are known for their physique and their appearance. No doubt some of these actresses are naturally blessed with good features.

However, its an open secret that some of these actresses have had a little extra help – that is plastic surgery. Many actresses in Bollywood had undergone cosmetic surgery. Some of them were successful while some gone bad.

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Bollywood Dictionary

So, we got tired and bored of the interesting stuff as well. It was time to create something unique and so we turned to Bollywood again. We just thought if there was a way to express words in Bollywood terms, through some movies, songs, scenes, dialogues, characters, actors or Bollywood personalities.

And Bam! We didn’t know it’d be so much fun. Enjoy this light experiment that we did to please ourselves as well as you.

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The oomph and poise of Malaika Arora.

Malaika Arora, unarguably one of India’s biggest fashion Diva and a very fascinating modern-day celebrity brand. She, as we all know, is a big part of Bollywood even though she is not an actor. No other celebrity name comes to our mind with this big stardom without any acting stint. She has created a niche for herself based on her impeccable sense of fashion and style.

She is a VJ, a TV host, a fabulous dancer, a model, an in-demand reality show judge, the face of a very successful retail brand “Label Life”, an entrepreneur with her own Yoga studio and, a massive Instagram Star with more than 11 million followers!

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Dhoom 4 brings the two best action heroes together!

Finally, the next part of the much-awaited Dhoom franchise is in the making. A little bird told us that Dhoom 4 will bring two of our best action heroes, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan together for the very first time.

The next instalment of the extreme-action movie franchise will feature a ‘lady’ villain and the role will be played by one of our favourite actresses. Read on to know full cast and release date.

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