Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar’s romantic honeymoon!

Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar got married on Christmas eve in 2020. The merry couple kept their social media updates going during their wedding and are shared glimpses of their sweet honeymoon in Udaipur.

Interestingly, Guahar Khan and Zaid Darbar met during a TikTok video. It’s no surprise that their honeymoon posts are also as sweet as a romantic Tiktok video. Watch their pics, videos and a beautiful web story!

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The Family Man Season 2 trailer, plot and release date.

The Family Man Season 2 will be premiering soon on Amazon Prime. The season 1 was a spot thriller that was released on Amazon Prime Video in Sep 2019. Season 2 will be bigger and better, as it is made on a larger scale as compared to Season 1.

Addition of Samantha Akkineni as the lead antagonist is an indication of hot things might get in this season. Know more details about the release date, plot and trailer.

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The Mirzapur memes digest

Mirzapur Season 2 was released on Amazon Prime Video in October 2020 and it was an instant hit just like Mirzapur Season 1. What came right after the release was a flood of Mirzapur memes that entertained us as much as the series itself.

From Mirzapur dialogues and Munna Bhaiya’s transgressions to the famous chacha and Pankaj Tripathi’s neck, memers didn’t leave anything. Have a look at these must-watch memes.

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Funny winter memes to make your day!

For me, the worse part of the winter is getting out of a warm bed. But then taking cold water showers, wearing multiple layers of clothes, cold hands & feet are equally painful, not to mention the cough, cold and running nose.

There can’t be a better meme material. So here we are with some of the best winter memes that are getting widely shared on social media and many of them are so relatable and funny in their own way.

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When Sanjay Dutt got depressed over a car!

Bollywood celebs are known to live flamboyantly but also under tremendous pressure. Actors have gone into depression because of competition, flop movies or broken relationships. However, the story of when Sanjay Dutt got depressed over a car is uniquely interesting.

Sanjay’s love for cars is a known fact and when a car like Rolls Royce Phantom in involved, things can get very emotional. Read on to know what made him sad.

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Privacy policy clarification invites memes on Whatsapp!

While announcing the Whatsapp new privacy policy, the Facebook management wasn’t ready for the mass outflux of users, forcing them to issue a clarification and postpone the policy enforcement. This led to a flurry of memes on Whatsapp’s privacy policy clarification.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Whatsapp employees/ headquarters, the memers had a field day creating memes that voiced concerns of millions of users. Check these out!

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The worst online shopping fails, way too hilarious!

Shopping online has made things easier for everyone. But you have to be careful because the things we see online might be different than what we receive. If the luck isn’t on your side then your, otherwise smooth, online shopping experience can turn into quite an ordeal but we guarantee that it will surely make you laugh when you look back.

Here are some hilarious online shopping fails that you shouldn’t miss!

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The inspiring journey of Darshan Raval!

The journey of a 26-year-old independent singer who started receiving fame for his work since he was just 19 is something that amazes every fan. Fans have been in love with the voice of Darshan Raval since 2014 when he joined ‘India’s Raw Star’ and proudly call themselves Darshaners and a part of the #bluefamily.

Let’s get to know Darshan Raval up close and find out why the count of Darshaners is increasing day by day!

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KGF Chapter 2: Plot, cast, release date and teaser!

The long-awaited trailer of Chapter 2 of KGF is finally out and the fans can’t just handle all the happiness. The team of KGF wanted to initially release the teaser on the actor Yash’s birthday as a gift for him and also for his fans.

But they finally decided to release a day earlier but who is complaining about it?
Let’s take you through all that we know about the KGF Chapter 2, it’s cast and plotline along with the details that we saw in the teaser!

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Top 8 things from 2020 that we don’t want in 2021!

2020 was a rough one for sure. No fun, no hanging out with friends, no travel, no coffee or dining out. The pandemic has not just changed our lifestyle but our life itself.

We got used to the OTT platforms, cooking, baking, dusting, mopping, washing utensils and we also got used to hanging out with friends on video calls only. Relish a quirky list of things that we missed in 2020 but don’t want to miss in 2021, in the Piccle way.

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