Cricket Rules You Didn’t Know About

With the Indian Premier League 2020 around the corner and most people still holed up within the four walls of their home, the expectation is building up for some good cricket. And well, if there is something, related to the game of cricket, that is as old as the game itself, it is controversy. When it comes to IPL, the emotions are overflowing and the fans get all worked up when something happens on the field that they can’t understand.

There are quite a few rules that even some of the most avid followers of cricket might not know. So for the benefit for everyone here are a few of the rules that are not known to many. Have a good time reading these and get all set to cheer your IPL team.

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Real-life RJs who became famous actors

In old times radio used to be a faceless medium where you wouldn’t recognize most of the RJ’s if you see them on a street. But times have changed and RJ’s have become recognizable both by their voice and face. They have created a cult following with listeners tuning in to the station just for their program. Some of the RJ’s have leveraged their radio success to move even higher in their career. Let’s look at some who have made it big.

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Corona – fact or fiction?

In this tough period of coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of questions in our minds. We also receive a lot of information on social media. Some of the received information though may sound logical, but might actually be incorrect. The problem is that any incorrect understanding of COVID-19 increases our risk of infections. So along with access to information, it is important to have a reliable source of information.

Here are some of the questions we have heard and responses from experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Lockdown – Useful resources to engage kids

Ever since the lockdown was imposed, parents have been struggling to keep their kids engaged without resorting to TV or other electronic screens. The work from home pressure has been increasing and it might become very challenging for the parents to cope up with the work and demands of their child who’s not used to be confined by the walls of the house.

The bigger challenge is to engage the kids with something meaningful and something that adds to their knowledge and skills, so here is a list of resources that you can use free of cost while also educating the little ones.

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Covid-19 – What puts you at higher risk?

COVID-19 is still very new, with limited information regarding risk factors, but some data is becoming very apparent based on the experiences in China, Italy and other countries. Based on currently available information older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Data from China shows that the fatality rate of healthy individuals having no underlying condition is 0.9%. Read about the conditions which significantly increase the fatality rates.

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Did someone actually warn us about Corona?

Corona has become such a life-changing event that there is a clamour to claim that it was predicted. Netizens are claiming that Nostradamus had predicted the Corona outbreak in medieval times itself. There is a novel that had a virus outbreak originating from Wuhan. Some astrologers are also claiming to have predicted this outbreak. But these are all non-scientific and unproven accounts. Does that mean no one had warned us about this disaster?

Reality is that Bill Gates had warned the world about the possibility of an infectious disease outbreak that can kill millions. Read on to know more about what Bill Gates said about the pandemic.

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5 mass pranks on Fool’s day

April Fool’s day is believed to have started when in 1582 the New Year was shifted from April 1st to January 1st. This confused a lot of people who kept celebrating New Year on April 1st. These folks were called fools and thus began April Fool’s day. Nowadays many companies create elaborate pranks on April Fool’s day to amuse their customers and to increase brand recall. In the tech world, Google is known to launch multiple outlandish and fake products as April Fool’s prank.

Even before modern companies started the trend of yearly pranks which are anticipated by their customers, there were some amazing pranks pulled on an unsuspecting public. Here are some of the greatest pranks.

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Who’s Elon Musk and why should you know him?

He is a visionary and maverick entrepreneur and founder of some of the biggest startups. While, his eccentric personality and weird sense of humour have made him popular on twitter, some consider him to be real-life Tony Stark (Iron Man) and others find him fulfilling all the characteristics of James Bond villains.

Eccentric, maverick, crazy, casanova for some and yet at the same time a genius, serial entrepreuner and role model for others – Learn more about Elon Musk and why should you know about him.

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