How are celebrities slowing down ageing?

Aging might be inevitable but it definitely can wait, at least for these beauties! Some celebrities are just the living inspirations that we need. Isn’t it unbelievable how you’ll see a heaven-hell difference even in your year-old pictures but these divas manage to look the same since forever?

We attempt here to look at some of their secrets, rather simple things that they do right. Let’s make an attempt to understand how we too can have the same youthful face and body like them. Curious? Read on to know all about it!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Skincare: When it comes to skincare, the timeless beauty believes in going au naturale! Preferring homemade packs to chemical creams/serums, she has revealed applying cucumber juice and packs of gram flour, turmeric, milk and yogurt! Secondly, she swears by hydration.

According to her,  “It’s moisture out and moisture in,”! If the most beautiful woman in the world is emptying her water bottles, then so are we!

Diet: Beauty doesn’t come free, even if the most beautiful woman in the world is in question! Rai Bachchan always prefers boiled to fried. Starting her day with warm honey-lemon water, she has a protein and fiber rich breakfast followed by a classic “Ghar ka khana” lunch!

She takes in small portions throughout the day instead of 3 big meals and prefers to stay light at dinner. She also prefers fresh fruits, vegetables and juices to junk/packaged food!

Madhuri Dixit Nene

Skincare: Even at 53, Madhuri Dixit Nene never fails to stun us with her sheer elegance. Her beauty secret? Well, home remedies again! For dull skin, the star trusts milk and cucumber. All you have to do is cut the cucumber into slices, dip them into milk and allow them to cool in the freezer!

Once done, rub them on your faces and you’ll have the Madhuri glow! Her beauty tips include enough moisturizing, SPF and plenty of sleep!

Diet: Dixit has 5 meals a day – Breakfast consisting of oatmeal/three egg whites and toast followed tea. She then takes a mid-meal consisting of nuts or curd with half a fruit.

For lunch, she usually has “a piece of chicken, vegetables and carbs” followed by a cup of tea and protein(usually egg whites) in the evening. She has an early dinner consisting of a bowl of salad, grilled fish, chicken and vegetables.

Song Hye Kyo

Skincare: Looking 18 even at 38, the popular Hallyu star surely has a way to skip aging! She takes great care of her skin, which, according to her, is a “must” when you’re not young anymore. She loves sheet masks and believes moisturizing is the key to healthy skin.

She’s into the 10-step Korean skincare regime (now we know why the popularity of the regime skyrocketed over the years!) and suggests taking enough rest. According to her, you should always start early as anti-aging efforts of the 20s show when you’re in your 30s!

Diet: In spite of her ageless radiance, the diet plan of the star is pretty minimal! She eats a lot of anti-oxidants, including tomatoes, berries, dark- chocolates, tunas, eggs and vegetables. She strictly avoids junk foods, carbonated drinks and black tea.

Kajol Devgan

Skincare: Kajol says, “The best and easiest way is to wash, cleanse, moisturize, take off your make-up every night. All these things really make a difference.” She also swears by SPF, a good night’s sleep and makes sure to consume 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Diet: Kajol’s minimal diet consists of veggie smoothies. She says, “I am obsessed with kale, sprout and wheatgrass smoothie, which, considering the time most veggies take to prepare, works out perfectly.”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra


Skincare: Shilpa is all about natural things, whether it’s her diet or her skin. Her glowing skin is a result of strict discipline that she follows – Cleanse the face thoroughly before going to bed. However, she doesn’t use soap, instead, she uses natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil to clean her makeup.

She also uses these old for cleaning the pollution that sticks to face on an outing day. She’s really big on sunscreen and uses it generously all over her body and face.

Her biggest secret though is noni fruit juice that she takes every morning (a word of caution here if you want to try out noni juice yourself, it has a very strong vomit-like odor and bitter taste).

Diet: Shilpa has the most unique diet when it comes to these age-defying beauties. Her mantra is – Eat good fats and smart carbs, all day. Shilpa is mindful of what she eats but she isn’t a fan of a minimalist diet.

She thrives off good fats like coconut milk, ghee and also eats brown rice and bananas. As per Shilpa, these foods are really good for healthy elastic glowing skin to keep wrinkles away.

Fitness: Shilpa attributes a fair part of her youthful appearance to her Yoga regime, breathing exercises and sleep discipline. As per Shilpa – if you do yoga regularly, you will see improvement in your skin texture as the increased blood circulation in the facelifts up the over skin quality. Yoga and breathing exercises can help you avoid skin problems like acne and wrinkles.


Can you believe she’s actually 65? Because we can’t believe our eyes! The evergreen beauty definitely had to be our special mention!

Skincare: Rekha is a firm follower of the CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) routine. She’s also a regular user of aromatherapy. She drinks 10-12 glasses of water daily and is a good regular user of aromatherapy.

Diet: Rekha loves to splurge on South-Indian foods though she usually maintains a strict diet away from junk/packed foods comprising of vegetables, two rotis and a bowl full of curd.

These were the skincare and diet hacks of some of our ageless divas! So, who’s your inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!

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