Biggest Fashion Fails Of All Times!

Celebrities are style icons and we all follow their footsteps to keep ourselves updated. From gowns to jewellery to shoes to the makeup, which celebrity wore what and where to get that merchandise.
But not every time celebs turn out to be at their best, sometimes their selection is quite indecorous. And not just celebs there are people who also chose attires that are completely off the charts. Here are some of the bloopers!

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Handy Car Hacks For All

Owing a car is a joy but it has its own share of issues. It is just like a love-hate relationship. Every car owner wishes to keep their car clean and good as new both from outside and inside but it requires time and money. There are times when we do not mind spending a lot of money on a problem that could have been solved at home using very simple hacks. Here are some very simple car hacks that you can use to save on money and time while making your car experience more enjoyable.

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Beautiful Rare Animals you haven’t even heard of!

Humans have explored Earth over thousands of years and documented everything that was observable and yet the nature doesn’t stop surprising us with its beauty, novelty and vastness. According to researchers, nearly 9 million species live on planet Earth.

As part of the ecosystem of this Earth, we are aware of most of these species but there are some which are rare to our sight and knowledge. Many of these species and animals are also nearing extinction for various reasons like habitat loss, poaching and climate change. Go ahead and have look at these amazing animals that most of us didn’t even know if they existed on our planet.

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Amazing Coincidences From Around The World

The world is a crazy place to live where such amazing coincidences that make you say “Oh My God” happen quite frequently. Wearing the same dress as someone else at a party or saying the same thing as your friend at the same time. Sometimes coincidences can be outright funny.

Here’s a list of such funny and weird coincidences that can only be described by saying “What A Coincidence!” Read on to see for yourself.

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Adult movie stars who made it mainstream

Do you know that there are a few celebrities who used to be adult movie stars? Have you ever wondered what adult movie stars do when they exit the adult entertainment industry? Many a time adult movie stars are considered to be unfit for industries outside their own, but there are a few who managed to join the mainstream industries.

Here’s a small list of celebs who managed to transform their careers.

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Most bizarre products you can buy online

While most of us are focused on buying tech gadgets, clothes, books, etc. online, some people are more interested in the unconventional products. While these products can be super crazy but sometimes these can be very useful if we try to look past their oddity.

There are oodles of crazily weird products available on various online retailers today. Here’s a list of some of the most bizarre products you can buy online.

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Simple Bodyweight Exercises as Home Workout

Since most of us continue to avoid going to Gym due to the Covid-19 pandemic, exercising at home to stay fit has become very important. Home workouts can be fun but a lot of us have the inertia to start. The biggest excuse that we hear is the lack of proper equipment.

WHO recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of activity per week. Here’s a list of few simple exercises which you can do at home with limited equipment.

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Weirdest & Funniest Google Searches Ever. Don’t Miss!

Do you remember what is the weirdest Google search you have ever made? We bet that whatever you have searched for would look very normal in light of the searches that people around the globe search for. Google’s search auto-complete feature gives you a peep into what a lot of people have been searching for.

Click to see a compilation of bizarre and hilarious searches done by people and their suggestions from Google are even better.

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All time crazy fights of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss house has been the hottest place brewing hottest of the controversies. For all the obvious reasons it is not an easy place to get locked in and live without your favorite essentials like laptops and smartphones. As all are also locked within our own houses, it seems like a good time to look at how Bigg Boss’ house changed behaviour of the contestants and gave rise to these big controversies.

Over the years with each new season passing by we have seen a lot of new link-ups, break-ups, catfights with soaring tempers all around. We all must have lost the count of these moments that get realized season by season. Hence we have listed a few of the most controversial fights over the past 13 seasons.

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Funny Quotes By Celebrities

We all know famous writers, philosophers, scientists, etc. and their respective work or theories. Famous people like Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Winston S. Churchill, etc. have also shared their wisdom through quotes and one-liners. But, not many of us know that these popular people also had a witty side to them and they showcased hidden talent through funny quotes with deep hidden meaning.

To stir emotions you just need appealing and convincing words no matter they sound funny or serious. Here’s are a few quotes from well-known individuals in the world that carry deep meaning with a tinge of fun attached to it.

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