Cake Fails: When bakers spoiled a perfect birthday!

We all love cakes and good cakes are a must for a good birthday celebration but then, baking a good cake isn’t a piece of cake. Expectation and reality can be two very different things but the images that you will see here will open your eyes wide open.

Enjoy this compilation of cake fails when the bakers literally destroyed a perfect birthday party. Even New Zealand PM, Jacinda Ardern’s cake bombed on a live TV show.

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Signal – the new favourite messaging app

After beating Whatsapp to be the “Top free app” on App store in India, Signal is the new big thing for people ever since the privacy policy of WhatsApp has been updated. With the Feb 08, 2021 deadline approaching many are moving to Signal and Telegram apps already.

But why is the world going gaga over Signal, and even the world’s richest person, Elon Musk is recommending it? Here’s everything you need to know!

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Samsung Galaxy S21 launched promising “A new Galaxy”

We’ve heard a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S21 and we’ve been promised a world. We’ll break it down for you so that you can see just how accurate all these rumors are. Samsung is working overtime, it seems as though Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra were launched just yesterday, and we’re already hearing about S21?

Samsung has been dropping hints as to what to expect, so read on and find all about S21.

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Aliens living on Mars Are in Contact With Us, Claims Israeli Official

Aliens and conspiracy theories related to the aliens have intrigued us for generations. From UFO sightings and abductions by aliens, to Area 51 rumours, we are in love with the idea of aliens’ existence.
Every once in a while, there comes a moment when this idea gets endorsed by some insider. Recently, a former Israeli space security chief has claimed about aliens communicating with the US & Israel. Click for full story.

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Government blocks 43 Chinese apps from being accessed in India.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on Tuesday blocked 43 Chinese mobile apps from accessing by users in India, under section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

As reasoned in the past blocking of Apps in June 2020 and September 2020, the said action is taken based on inputs that these apps were engaging in activities prejudicial to India’s sovereignty, integrity, defence, security and public order.

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4 reasons why China won’t dare to start the India-China war!

The tension on the borders has been rising since the India-China clash in the Galwan river valley in May 2020. India has stood firm against China and has given a befitting reply to Chinese aggression.

Indian reaction has left Chinese leadership conflicted between backing down or increasing their aggression. Here are the top 5 reasons in the backdrop of these events that tell us why China won’t be able to wage a war on India. Read on!

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Things you should not buy on Dhanteras

Dhanteras is the day that marks the beginning of celebrations of the festival of Diwali. Dhanteras rituals aim at bringing prosperity to the house and a long healthy life for all as we pray to Lord Dhanvantri, the Vaidya of Gods. It is also a day for shopping.
But did you know that there are a few things that you should avoid buying on this auspicious day? It is believed that you buy these things then it would bring you bad luck instead of good.

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The weirdest Guinness World Records

The Guinness Book of Record is something that we all have been fond of since our childhood, you get to see the weirdest, wildest and coolest things in this book.

Well then, let’s take you on a journey to know about some of the weirdest records captured in the book. Beware though, some of these records are not for the weak hearted.

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Unbelievable that your body is capable of these things!

The human body is an amazing machine, there are so many things that we can do. We use our bodies every moment of our life yet we don’t know so much about them. The feats that the body can achieve can be more fantastic than the stretch of our imagination.

From the usual metabolic activity, unbelievable strength, complex functioning to breaking the obvious notion, some of these facts may seem weird but surely amaze you. Read on to find more.

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OnePlus Nord: Is it worth the price?

OnePlus has launched its most affordable smartphone with amazing specs. It has a 5G processor and comes with a 90Hz display with a 48-megapixel camera with a total of 6 camera setup on the whole phone (4 in the back and 2 in front) and with OIS (optical image stabilization) which helps in shooting really stable videos like other flagship phones. One of it’s superfeature is 60W warp charging which gives a day’s power in 30mins.

No doubt, the Nord will make you think twice before buying any other hyped phones like apple or Samsung. Nord is slim, it is high-tech with awesome camera and it’s affordable but there are few things missing, so is it worth your hard earned money? Check out the full article to know.

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