10 Gruesome Original Versions of the Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, fairy tales were filled with murder and torture rather than a true love’s kiss or happily ever afters. Back in those days when storytelling wasn’t a business but just an act of passing down these stories to the next generation, maybe people didn’t care about happy endings or moral/ethical leaning of the good and bad characters.

In 2016, the original first edition of the Brothers Grimm Fairy tales was translated to English for the first time, leaving people shocked over the gory details of the stories. Although thanks to Disney, we may remember these stories a bit differently. So read on to find out the dark and disturbing original versions of some popular fairy tales…

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Urban-desi artists you can’t miss listening to!

If you are someone who’d reach out for your headphones first thing in the morning and the last thing at night then you sure are someone who’s in love with music. And here’s a treat for all those who like to experiment with their music. As a music lover, I often get tired of istening to the same playlist and if that’s the case with you try some Desi-western music on my recommendation.

Well, for starters urban-desi music is, as the name suggests, a fusion of desi (Indian) and western music, and its the hottest thing around these days. If you’re considering updating in your playlist then these you should definitely check out these Desi-Western artists.

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Beautiful Rare Animals you haven’t even heard of!

Humans have explored Earth over thousands of years and documented everything that was observable and yet the nature doesn’t stop surprising us with its beauty, novelty and vastness. According to researchers, nearly 9 million species live on planet Earth.

As part of the ecosystem of this Earth, we are aware of most of these species but there are some which are rare to our sight and knowledge. Many of these species and animals are also nearing extinction for various reasons like habitat loss, poaching and climate change. Go ahead and have look at these amazing animals that most of us didn’t even know if they existed on our planet.

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These Indian delicacies have the Firangs drooling over

India, a country with such great diversity, culture, rich heritage and myriad cuisines. With so many cultures, comes different flavors of food. The taste of India has traveled all across the globe and so have the recipes of these delicacies.

Some of these delicacies have gained great popularity in the western countries as well as the Middle East. Read about the Indian delicacies loved by Firangs across the world.

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Easy recipes when away from home.

It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are living alone. When someone stays away from home the most missed thing is home-cooked food. The Covid-19 pandemic not only forced everyone to stay home but also forced everyone to try their hand at cooking also.

So now that you have grown comfortable with your kitchen, how about trying some delicious and yet easy recipes when you are away from home.

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Can a man use women’s skincare products?

With the huge range of skincare curated for women, it’s no surprise that men are often tempted to try them. Is it okay for men to use women’s skincare products? Yes and No! So which products should you use from a women’s skincare line? Can some of these products have an adverse effect on your skin?

Are these questions too embarrassing for you to ask anyone? We are here to help with everything you need to know!

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Untold stories behind popular brand names

If you don’t believe us, Backrub it! You want to buy something then look it up on Cadabra? Hey, want to grab a coffee from Cargo Cafe? Do you have an account on Kibble? Did any of this make sense to you? Of course not, it wouldn’t, but it would’ve made a lot of sense if Google, Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix had stuck with their original names.

Know these interesting untold stories behind popular brand names.

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Adidas’ “World’s longest shoes” flood the internet with memes

Some trends in the fashion world just go too far. In what’s possibly one of the strangest collections of 2021, Adidas launched the world’s longest shoes. These shoes, with 1 meter length, were made in collaboration with rapper Tommy Cash as a part of the Adidas Superstar Campaign.

With 40 rows of laces to fit the feet, no wonder they went viral instantly sparking riots of laughter on Twitter. Have a look!

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Humorous Truck quotes you can’t miss seeing!

Ever imagined what a foreigner would notice when they hit the road in India? Besides the beauty of our country, I’d say the trucks won’t go unnoticed with the colors and funky writing on them.

The truck owners name their trucks, animate them with jingly decor, and even paint them with sceneries, or satyavachan (advise), or even casual humor. Let’s give you a taste of creativity in the humorous truck quotes.

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The Girl On The Train : Viewers’ reactions to Parineeti Chopra’s film

Parineeti Chopra starrer Murder Mystery ‘The Girl on the Train’ was released on Netflix on 26 February. The psychological thriller is directed by Ribhu Dasgupta. It was scheduled to be released in the theatres in May 2020, but got delayed due to the Covid pandemic. Aditi Rao Hydari is also getting praised for her role in the movie.

Read about the movie and the viewers’ reactions to this movie on social media.

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