The most important vitamin for your immunity

Vitamins are vital for our well-being. With immunity being the topmost priority right now, vitamins have become an essential part of our diet. Multi vitamin tablets and syrups can be found in every household today.

But which vitamins do you need the most right now? Which vitamins actually strengthens your immune system? What are the natural sources for each Vitamin? Here are all the answers related to each vitamin.

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Yoga asanas to strengthen your lungs

Yoga asanas have always been known as the way to a perfectly healthy life. In the current situation, physical and mental well-being is more important than ever and Yoga comes with just that! It’s high time to resort to yoga if you haven’t already. Lungs are the most commonly and severely attacked organ by the COVID-19.

While you’re giving your best for better immunity, learn these yoga asanas to strengthen your lungs.

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5 Ways Yoga can change your life!

The first thing that pops into our minds when we speak about Yoga is peace that unites calmness in your heart and brain. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years but in today’s world, it has merely become a way to remain physically fit.

As per Indian scriptures, Yoga was mainly done for its meditative and spiritual core, however, we can safely say that even you don’t fully realise how yoga can change your life.

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Just approved – World’s most expensive drug Zolgensma

What would be your guess for the price of the world’s costliest medicine? Rs. 50 lacs or Rs. 1 Crore? Well, here’s a drug that’s going to surpass whatever guess you might make. Spinal muscular atrophy or SMA, a disease that was fatal till 2020 is now curable with this new drug Zolgensma. It costs a whopping ₹18 crore making it the world’s costliest drug ever.

Why is it so expensive? Read on to know more about it.

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Difference between male and female skin and how to take care of it.

The stereotype of men avoiding to care about their skin is changing nowadays and it’s changing fast. A skincare routine is something that is to be followed regardless of gender as your skin needs protection and care. It just isn’t about how we look, it’s also about how we feel our skin.

But when it comes to skincare there are obvious questions about the difference between male and female skin and how to take care of it.

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Weight loss Myths you must stop believing right now!

Social media is abuzz with weight management tips from influencers and even not-so-reliable sources. Along with such tips, a lot of misinformation and weight loss myths also get circulated to an unassuming audience who trust a forward from their close circle.

These myths hold no ground and some of them have no connection with weight loss. Hence, busting these weight loss myths that people tend to follow blindly!

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Why and how to warm up before workout!

A large part of the population exercises without the required coaching/guidance. Most people don’t know how to warm up before workout and more importantly that they need to do so. Workouts are healthy but without proper knowledge of how to warm up, working out might cause harm in the long term. Irrespective of your work out, it is extremely important to warm up.

Know why and how you should warm up before your workout!

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Can a man use women’s skincare products?

With the huge range of skincare curated for women, it’s no surprise that men are often tempted to try them. Is it okay for men to use women’s skincare products? Yes and No! So which products should you use from a women’s skincare line? Can some of these products have an adverse effect on your skin?

Are these questions too embarrassing for you to ask anyone? We are here to help with everything you need to know!

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Facial exercises for a younger look

What is it that makes a face look beautiful? The most accurate answer is ‘a face with no flab and smooth toned skin’. Regular facial exercises improve the blood flow to your skin cells with the necessary nutrients. A healthy blood flow stimulates skin cell regeneration and prevents wrinkles.

Let’s take you through a holistic set of facial exercises that take care of almost every part of your face. Read on and follow!

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Mayonnaise hair mask to fix your frizzy hair

Is frizzy hair one of your biggest concerns? Only people with frizzy hair know how hard it is to get along with them. Products designed to tame your strands don’t really work and the frizz is back once you stop the expensive hair treatments. If only we had an easy and pocket-friendly solution to it.

Search no more. This DIY hair mask will give you smooth hair and involves simple ingredients right from your kitchen!

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