Why days are shorter than 24 hours now and Earth is rotating faster?

Scientists have found that the days are now shorter than 24 hours as speed of the rotation of the earth has strikingly increased. July 19, 2020 was declared the shortest day of the last 5 decades and this record has been broken 28 times in last 12 months.

Scientists from around the world are weighing options on how to handle this but why is Earth spinning faster? Know more.

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Dhoom 4 brings the two best action heroes together!

Finally, the next part of the much-awaited Dhoom franchise is in the making. A little bird told us that Dhoom 4 will bring two of our best action heroes, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan together for the very first time.

The next instalment of the extreme-action movie franchise will feature a ‘lady’ villain and the role will be played by one of our favourite actresses. Read on to know full cast and release date.

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We have finally solved the chicken or the egg riddle!

Was it the chicken or the egg that came first? It’s an age-old enigma that sparks a conversation every single time but such conversations lead to no conclusion. You need an egg to hatch into a chicken but then at the same time you need a chicken to lay the egg in the very first place.

Thanks to science we have an answer now and it lies in Darwin’s theory of evolution. Let’s crack this one… shall we?

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Places in India that resemble foreign locales

We all have a bucket list to travel around the world at least once in our lifetime. From cities like Newyork, USA to islands like Dharavandhoo, Maldives. But did you know that there are resembling places in India, that are equal if not more beautiful than tourist spots in other countries and it is even friendlier to the pocket for you to explore the beauty of nature?

Its time to add new places to visit on your bucket list. Go on and look at these picture-perfect places in India that resemble foreign tourist spots and some are even better than the foreign locales we have been seeing in Bollywood movies.

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6 types of liars – How many do you see around you?

No one, literally no one, tells the truth all the time so that technically makes us all a little like Pinocchio. Whether the lying is about why you can’t meet up with your friends or lying about your test marks, we all lie and people around us lie too.

Lying is so natural sometimes that you don’t even realize that you’ve made up a lie. Since we’ve established that we all lie once in a while, let’s see the types of Liars.

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Just approved – World’s most expensive drug Zolgensma

What would be your guess for the price of the world’s costliest medicine? Rs. 50 lacs or Rs. 1 Crore? Well, here’s a drug that’s going to surpass whatever guess you might make. Spinal muscular atrophy or SMA, a disease that was fatal till 2020 is now curable with this new drug Zolgensma. It costs a whopping ₹18 crore making it the world’s costliest drug ever.

Why is it so expensive? Read on to know more about it.

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Tips for waking up early!

Waking up early has a lot of pros but it’s also equally challenging. Like, waking up on time is the toughest part of the morning for most people and we’re talking about waking up early! Well, if you want to make the most of your 24 hours, this is something you should definitely give a shot to.

If you are out of ideas on how to make it happen, here are some tips for waking up early irrespective of your sleep habits.

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Satan Shoes with Human Blood launched – Sued by Nike

You must’ve heard about running shoes, jogging shoes, cowboy boots, oxford shoes, golf shoes and many more. Now digest this! There are Satan Shoes that contain actual human blood. You heard that right! Each of these limited edition ‘Satan Shoes’ contains a drop of human blood. What’s more shocking is that 666 of these shoes were sold out within a minute.

Shocked already? Read on to know all about these bloody shoes.

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Things you should avoid on Valentine’s day

With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, love is definitely in the air. Whether you’re single or found the right one already, you’re most likely to be clueless and prone to making relationship mistakes on Valentine’s day. But this time, we got your back!

From tips on how to NOT turn off your bae to how to spend an amazing “Me time”, read on to know things that you should avoid this Valentine’s day!

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Neymar Jr. keeps the cutest promise

In what may be one of the cutest things on the internet today, Neymar Jr. has got the internet talking over a cute video of him completing a young fan’s request. A young boy asked Neymar to do his dance when he scores a goal in the next match.

And guess what? The next time Neymar Jr. scored, he performed the young boy’s dance moves. The netizens loved the viral video of Neymar’s cute act. Watch the video and fan reactions!

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