Zealandia – The Eighth Continent

It is time we unlearned what we were taught in the Geography lessons. We were told about 7 continents only. Well, in a world full of wonders, there seems to be the 8th continent as well! The submerged 8th continent, Zealandia, lies to the east of Australia, beneath New Zealand.

However, you won’t find it on conventional maps since almost 95% of Zealandia is submerged deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. Know all about it!

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Now get your phones for free with Flipkart Smartpack!

Want a smartphone for free? Here’s a great offer you should not miss!

Ecommerce websites are riding on a big boost in the demand for affordable phones with great features and Walmart -owned Flipkart is leading this trend in style. Flipkart recently launched ‘Flipkart SmartPack’ that promises to give the consumers 100% money back on the purchase of a new smartphone. Know all about the Flipkart Smartpack Offer!

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The Snow room of Antilia, Mukesh Ambani’s mansion

Mukesh Ambani’s home ‘Antilia’ in Mumbai is the world’s second most valuable property (next only to Buckingham Palace). Antilia, however, is by far the most modern and luxurious palace. It has ultra-modern features that make it the most exquisite home.

One such feature is an icy room, which is called the Snow Room that is said to have the cooling effect to make you feel like you are in the Alps. Learn more about it!

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Shehnaaz Gill’s Dance Cover on ‘Qismat ki hawa’ song

If there is someone in India who knows how to stay in the news, and in a nice way, then it is undoubtedly the beautiful Punjabi kudi Shehnaaz Gill. Whether it is due to #SidNaaz or her music videos, this girl has a natural talent for creating a buzz.

Recently, Shehnaaz’s dance cover on the song #Qismatkihawa has gone viral and if you are wondering why everything about Shehnaaz goes viral then you must watch this video.

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How changes in COTPA law may affect smokers and non-smokers!

It’s a widely known and accepted fact that tobacco is harmful to our health. Though the sale and consumption of tobacco are already subject to a number of laws, the government has decided to make the COTPA law more stringent, which has caused a ruckus in the industry recently.

The laws are completely in the favour of our health, so why the ruckus? Read on to know more!

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Why days are shorter than 24 hours now and Earth is rotating faster?

Scientists have found that the days are now shorter than 24 hours as speed of the rotation of the earth has strikingly increased. July 19, 2020 was declared the shortest day of the last 5 decades and this record has been broken 28 times in last 12 months.

Scientists from around the world are weighing options on how to handle this but why is Earth spinning faster? Know more.

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Elon Musk’s reaction to becoming the richest person is ‘Strange’, literally.

If you know Elon Musk then this isn’t going to surprise you but if you don’t then this is perhaps one of the best examples to understand how he behaves and about the motivations in his life.

He is always in news, although on 7th Jan 2020, he was in the news because he became the richest person on the planet. His response was as unpredictable as Elon Musk mostly is. Read on and discover!

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Dhoom 4 brings the two best action heroes together!

Finally, the next part of the much-awaited Dhoom franchise is in the making. A little bird told us that Dhoom 4 will bring two of our best action heroes, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan together for the very first time.

The next instalment of the extreme-action movie franchise will feature a ‘lady’ villain and the role will be played by one of our favourite actresses. Read on to know full cast and release date.

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Curd can be harmful to you under these conditions!

Curd has always been an essential part of the Indian diet. Be it the cooling effect, aiding in digestion or its high phosphorus and calcium content, it been known for ages for its benefits. However, did you know that this highly nutritious food can also be harmful to you?

There are a few conditions under which curd can do more harm to your body than good. Have a quick look so you can avoid these conditions.

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Kareena Kapoor has totally defied age

Kareena Kapoor is one of the few Bollywood actresses who have come back so strongly after motherhood. She has not only maintained her charm but also her figure and fitness.

She maintained her physical features and she also seems to have an edge over her acting as well. Her connection with the audience and grip on the character has grown stronger ever since her comeback. Kareena’s role in the recent movie Good Newwz is refreshing and her acting skills are par excellence.

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