How to make money from Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are the next big thing in the world after space exploration. It’s the new craze that has pretty much everyone talking about crypto all of sudden. Cryptocurrencies are creating new millionaires and shaking the current economic order and their effect can be seen on the stock markets also.

So, at such a time, it is very important to understand what is cryptocurrency and how to make money from Cryptocurrencies!

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Dangerous dog breeds to avoid as a pet

Dogs aren’t called “Man’s best friend” just like that. Dogs are undoubtedly one of the best pets as they can emotionally connect with humans. However, if your expectations from a pet dog include it to always be a loyal, cheerful, obedient companion with unconditional love, not all dogs are for you. Some dogs tend to get very aggressive and are better off in the wild.

Which dog breeds to avoid? Here’s your guide!

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Men’s fashion trends for the summer of 2021

Staying at home in 2020 gave designers a lot of time to experiment with their designs, to use creativity and take their work to the next level. Some designers have started to display their work.

As we see normalcy getting restored gradually, we’d all like to go out and live our lives as we used to. Have a look at these upcoming men’s fashion trends for summer of 2021 as you contemplate who are you going to meet first.

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The bizarre conspiracy theory of Lizard People!

The Reptilian Conspiracy theory which is also commonly known as the Lizard People Theory has been very popular in the late 2000s. Now the current bombing at Nashville has reignited the debate around this conspiracy theory dragging names of some of the well-known personalities and even some politicians.

Surprisingly, a recent poll revealed that many people still believe in this bizarre theory. Let’s learn all about it.

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Top 10 most unusual things not everyone can do!

Homo Sapiens is a restless species, always wanting to achieve the unachievable, that is why every year we get to see some unbelievable feats achieved by people with unusual talent.
Check out some of the most astonishing acts that an average person can’t perform and therefore most of them have set a world record. Some of these acts are dangerous and can harm you so we highly recommend that you do not perform them on your own.

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6 types of liars – How many do you see around you?

No one, literally no one, tells the truth all the time so that technically makes us all a little like Pinocchio. Whether the lying is about why you can’t meet up with your friends or lying about your test marks, we all lie and people around us lie too.

Lying is so natural sometimes that you don’t even realize that you’ve made up a lie. Since we’ve established that we all lie once in a while, let’s see the types of Liars.

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Top trending Men’s hairstyles – Don’t miss them!

Tired of your looks? One of the biggest fallouts of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown is that people experimented a lot with their looks and with no access to salons, men dared to try new things at home. Maybe it’s time for you to try something new. Here are some of the best men’s looks that you might want to try out.

Have a look at the complete range from short fades, undercuts to long man buns, and braids. See which one’s for you!

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Government blocks 43 Chinese apps from being accessed in India.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on Tuesday blocked 43 Chinese mobile apps from accessing by users in India, under section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

As reasoned in the past blocking of Apps in June 2020 and September 2020, the said action is taken based on inputs that these apps were engaging in activities prejudicial to India’s sovereignty, integrity, defence, security and public order.

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Things you should not buy on Dhanteras

Dhanteras is the day that marks the beginning of celebrations of the festival of Diwali. Dhanteras rituals aim at bringing prosperity to the house and a long healthy life for all as we pray to Lord Dhanvantri, the Vaidya of Gods. It is also a day for shopping.
But did you know that there are a few things that you should avoid buying on this auspicious day? It is believed that you buy these things then it would bring you bad luck instead of good.

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Side Effects of Engineering

Engineering entrance forms should come with a warning label reading “Admission into an engineering course may cause caffeine dependency, insomnia and lack of social life. Proceed with caution!” All those years in engineering are bound to have a profound effect on one’s personality, thought process and of course, the choices one is going to make in the future and engineering course seem to posses some weird gene modification process that not only changes how one acts and behave but also one’s looks and hairdo and gait etc

Although some don’t believe in these life-changing power of engineering institutions, they believe that you are chosen at birth to be an engineer based on their karma and whatever you do, you will end up being an engineer and give the world another geek or nerd 😀

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