Apps to win in-game credits

Game Credit is the new currency of the online gaming world. The bad news is that more and more games need players to spend Game credits to buy all the good stuff. The Good news is that there are ways to earn the game credits for free. It needs a little bit of effort but you don’t have to pay anything.

You just have to perform some simple tasks every day. Want to know how? Check out these apps to win gaming credits for free.

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How to get Free Fire Diamonds for free

If you play Freefire then you’d know the importance of diamonds – the in-game currency of the game. You can use diamonds to buy new characters, skins, weapons, emotes, and much more. However, as exciting as the diamonds are, they are very expensive and you can’t earn them. So, players have to spend a lot of money to buy them.

If you don’t want to spend real money then read on to know how to get Free Fire diamonds for free.

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Free Fire redemption codes for today

Garena Free Fire emerged as the new heartthrob of gamers in 2021. The game became popular because of the shorter pool of players, good speed on any device, colourful characters and a number of other reasons.

One such reason can be the redeem codes that the makers of the game release every day for the users to get some in-game goodies for free. So, let’s get on with the list of Free Fire redeem codes for today. Happy Gaming!

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Free Fire MAX Features, Launch date and Specs

There has been so much buzz about Free Fire MAX of late and it is not without a reason. Garena Fire Free fans are waiting for the MAX version with bated breath. Along with the excitement, there is also some confusion about the launch date and features of MAX.

If you are also confused whether MAX is a new game, a different app or just an event, then breath easy, here’s all you need to know about Free Fire MAX. Read on!

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Differences between PUBG and Free Fire

Gamers have always been enamoured with new games, and PUBG mobile gave them just what they needed. PUBG was launched in 2017 and it quickly became one of the most trending games globally. Soon, the greatest contender of PUBG appeared on the scene – Garena Free Fire.

Although Free Fire offered gamers, arguably, a superior experience of advanced graphics and speed, here are all the differences between PUBG and Free Fire.

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Garena Free Fire Pro Tips & Tricks

It took Garena Free Fire some time to make a dent in India even after PUBG was banned but they never looked back after their #IndiaKaBattleRoyal ad campaign. Today Free Fire is the most popular battle royal game in India.

The game is similar to and yet so different than PUBG so some PUBG players take time to adjust. To help you play better than others, here are the best Garena Free Fire Pro Tips & Tricks.

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PUBG Facts | 10 interesting facts for all gamers to know

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG has become a world sensation ever since its launch in 2017. Competing against games like Apex Legends and Fortnite, PUBG has continued to sell a million copies worldwide. PUBG Mobile was launched in 2018 for iOS and Android devices and has since transcended into a pop culture icon.

PUBG Creator – Brendan Greene is not A Game Designer Or Coder yet he went on to create one of the most popular games in the human history. There is a way in which you can avoid getting hit by the bullets – Go on a read a lot of other surprising facts about PUBG that every gamer should know.

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Best PUBG alternatives handpicked for you!

Well, first of all, our sympathy lies with all the PUBG fans and we really hope that the situations change and the government allows PUBG to return to India. However, till that happens there are multiple other options that you can explore and enjoy!

Similar to PUBG there are other online multiplayer battle royale games that are equally mindblowing and engaging. We present to you a curated list of top 5 options here from our gaming experts with the game ratings. So stop pining, go ahead and have fun!

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Play your fav games without downloading

Games are an awesome way to relax and kill some time. But you don’t necessarily have to open your console or download a game on your smartphone. Yes, your favourite games are also available on the browser, so you can just click on the links below and start playing. If you spend your summer vacations playing video games, you are going to love us for this post as we bring to you the all-time favourite games like #contra, #mario, #packman and more.

Here are a few games that we have hand-picked for you to play in your browser with just a click. Don’t forget to check out more games on page 2 of this post.

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Most famous Gaming Cheat Codes in History at one place

Our childhood would have been incomplete if video games weren’t around. And, for as long as these video games have been with us there have been cheat codes to provide us with certain advantages.

From experimenting various button combinations to seeking help from other players for inside info to searching the net, gamers are always on a hunt for these codes to activate new features or powers and enhance the experience of gaming. We have compiled a comprehensive list of these popular cheat codes. See how many you have used and how many are new for you. Happy Gaming.

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