Funny parody movies you shouldn’t miss – Part 1

Parody movies take films we’re familiar with and make fun of them through gags, jabs and imitations. They take you in a different world of imagination where heroes aren’t as heroic and goof-ups are so common. The best part? You don’t really need to watch the original movies they were inspired by to fully enjoy them.

Here are some of the best parody movies of all time which will make you shed tears of laughter!

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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Colors can convey a lot of meaning. There may have been times when you found a particular color alluring, maybe because it represented your mood in that moment. However, if you remain attracted to a single color for a long period of time, it could be an indication that the color reflects a portion of your personality. Almost everyone has a favorite color.

Read to find out what your favorite color reveals about you.

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10 Extremely Ridiculous Lawsuits That Actually Happened

It’s not uncommon for people to try and sue companies over the most frivolous of things. It is easy to find loopholes and take advantage of the judicial system for their own gain. But some of the ridiculous lawsuits crossed the boundary of sanity grossly. So much so that the activists and politicians had to push for law reforms to reduce the number of such cases.

Have a look at some of these most absurd lawsuits.

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What Actually Happens In Zoom Meetings?

With the shift to online learning and working due to the pandemic, Zoom is one platform whose profits have skyrocketed. Everyone has been trying their best to navigate and adapt to this new normal, but it has been a rough rollercoaster ride for some.

Business magnate Harsh Goenka had shared an illustration that accurately revealed how Zoom meetings generally go. Have a look at the real truth behind Zoom meetings!

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Hilarious Pictures That Look Just Like Donald Trump

It’s not uncommon for the ex-President of the United States to be compared to other things… but some of them are strange and downright hilarious. From corn cobs and Cheetos to caterpillars and cats, there are plenty of candidates for comparison.

Have a look at some of the funniest comparisons that netizens have made. No disrespect to the man’s looks, just that our readers enjoy anything on Donald Trump!

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Street Photographer Who Secretly Clicked Strangers’ Text Messages for 2 Years

Jeff Mermelstein, a New York based photographer, released a new photo book in July 2020 aptly titled #nyc. The book is a collection of secretly snapped pictures of anonymous text conversations between the citizens of New York, taken over a period of two years.

Have a look at these pics – The context of these conversations are all over the place — there are discussions about cats, chemo, politics, hair removal procedures, and also some not-so-PG texts.

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BTS: The KPOP Sensation Spreading a Message of Self-Love

Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단; translating to Bulletproof Boy Scouts) or BTS, made their debut in 2013 with the intention to “block out stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that aim on adolescents like bullets”. Seven years later, with a large, dedicated fanbase of varying ages, ethnicities, gender identities, etc. BTS has certainly delivered on that goal and continue to do so.

Their new song Dynamite (the band’s first song entirely in English), was released to provide healing and happiness to the fans during the pandemic. The song debuted at #1 on the Billboard HOT 100 chart, making BTS the first international and Korean band to achieve that goal.

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10 Bizarre Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

As a child, we all had a monster under our bed. Fear is as real and all-encompassing an emotion like love or joy and as we grow our emotional response to various things change, except for a few things that leave a strong mark on our mind.

Phobias aren’t uncommon and humans are known to have phobias for the entire documented history but some of them can really blow your minds off. Here are some of the weirdest phobias.

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Know the Covidiots: They’re everywhere!

Covidiots are basically those who indulge in conspiracy theories that claim that the pandemic isn’t real, and refuse to practice social distancing or wear masks because they believe themselves to be invincible. On the other side of the covidiot spectrum, we have the toilet roll hoarders, the sanitizer stockpilers, and the ones who store so much stuff their homes look like supermarkets.

Like the thousands of Germans staged protests in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions or ‘thali’ beating, ‘go corona go’ chanting friends who took out a procession back at home during the ‘janta curfew’

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Funny Celebrity Interactions on Twitter

It might feel like there’s quite a divide between normal people and celebrities; for they are revered, looked up to, and sometimes even worshipped. Being in such a spotlight all the time can catch one off-guard and put you in a tight spot. And well, we all have our moments of goofiness or when someone pulls a fast one on the only mindless thing that we might have said in a long time.

Some of the celebs are known to be witty and funny and others get targeted by the witty ones to create moments that fans love. Some of these interactions tell us that celebrities are also just people — and they also scroll mindlessly through social media like every one of us. How mindlessly? read on and figure it out.

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