Upcoming mobile phones with the launch details

Even as many raise concerns about the increasing usage of mobile phones, most of us have gained immensely from these devices by increasing our productivity or as a source of entertainment.

Most of us are always looking for that perfect mobile phone that serves all our needs, device you can relate to. If you too are looking then, you’ll surely love to know about these cool upcoming mobile phones with the launch details.

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Mindless scenes from Bollywood movies

Bollywood movie directors are known for a lot of good things but they do have their weaknesses. One such weakness is stereotypes. Once the industry senses acceptability of a particular concept or scene or a sequence then they just stick to it and don’t want to experiment till it stops working. The copy-paste culture is so blatant that they probably don’t even look at the screenplay or the plot for some of the scenes.

One such area is those scenes that don’t seem to change across movies directed by different people under different banners and very different cultural and socio-economic backdrops. We bring to you some of these scenes that are mindlessly copied by the movie-makers movie after movie, year after year.

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How to make money from Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are the next big thing in the world after space exploration. It’s the new craze that has pretty much everyone talking about crypto all of sudden. Cryptocurrencies are creating new millionaires and shaking the current economic order and their effect can be seen on the stock markets also.

So, at such a time, it is very important to understand what is cryptocurrency and how to make money from Cryptocurrencies!

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Top online betting sites in India: Are they legal?

Betting comes naturally to humans. Be it amongst friends, family or colleagues we all have placed bet with them on one or the other matter. From a cup of coffee to a pack of cigarettes we are so used to betting in our daily lives.
Things change dramatically though when it comes to real betting when there is real money at stake. The boom in online betting sites in India has appealed to all of us at least once. Read on!

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If you reside in these 6 states, don’t play Fantasy cricket cash games

Fantasy cricket, in India, has become as popular and engaging as the game of cricket itself. Fans celebrate a cricket series not just for watching some good cricket but also to test their cricketing skills and for the chance to win real cash. Is it legal in India to participate in a fantasy cricket league or any other sport?

It absolutely is! But if you belong to these 6 states then don’t play Fantasy cricket cash games.

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Where Does India Stand in ICC World Cup Super League?

While the world is waiting for the IPL to start on 9th April 2021, there are waves being made in the ICC world cup super league. A look at the ICC World Cup Super League Points Table, after Pakistan’s win over South Africa, projects a grim picture for India but is that something for the Indian fans to worry about?

Let’s have a look at where India stands on the table currently and what’s the way forward for India.

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How to choose the best captain and vice-captain for a fantasy cricket team

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and strategy. In the fantasy cricket you have an advantage of creating the best team out of the competing teams. The captain gets double the points so it is practically like another player on your team. The vice-captain gets 1.5x times the points scored and hence another very important position.

So, let’s look at how to choose the captain and the vice-captain in the best possible way.

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All about Pro Kabaddi League: Season 8 starting soon

What do you get if you add the glamour and modern-day format of IPL to an age-old native game of India? The answer is Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). When the idea of PKL was conceived there was scepticism but as big names got involved the excitement levels started soaring. Season 1 of PKL was viewed by 435M just short of 552M viewers of IPL 2014.

Let’s have a look at its current state and start dates of upcoming Season 8.

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Top 5 wicket keepers for your fantasy Cricket team

The wicketkeeper is one of the most crucial members of a cricket team. The keepers can’t bowl they can take a wicket just like any bowler. Today wicketkeepers have worked on their batting skills and are one of the fastest scorers. They can pick wickets purely with their skills by stumping or catching the batsmen behind the wicket.

With their keeping and batting skills, they can be game-changers. Read on for Top 5 choices.

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How to create the best fantasy cricket team

Fantasy cricket fever is running as high as the IPL fever in the country. For those who haven’t tried it yet, it’s fun as you get to create your own team and earn points based on the performance of your players. You’ve to think like a captain as a good captain would know how to create the best fantasy cricket team.

But even captains need help so here we are for the most important tips on how to choose a winning team!

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