These 2 teams are predicted to be IPL 2021 finalists

IPL craze is reaching its peak now. All the surprises, high and low scores just keep making it more and more interesting. When IPL season 14 resumes in Dubai, it was difficult to say who will win this year. However, we are now clearly looking at the teams that are much stronger than others this season.

After 23 matches in the second leg, one can say with confidence that these 2 teams are predicted to be IP 2021 finalists.

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Online Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Big

The two trends that have been rocking the Indian online gaming scene are Rummy Apps and Fantasy Cricket. Both are very engaging and need skills to win money. While, fantasy cricket apps need extensive knowledge of the game of cricket and players, rummy apps just need the knowledge of the game of Rummy and some practice.

And then you can always find good online rummy tips and tricks to win big, at least here on Piccle!

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Free Fire redemption codes for today

Garena Free Fire emerged as the new heartthrob of gamers in 2021. The game became popular because of the shorter pool of players, good speed on any device, colourful characters and a number of other reasons.

One such reason can be the redeem codes that the makers of the game release every day for the users to get some in-game goodies for free. So, let’s get on with the list of Free Fire redeem codes for today. Happy Gaming!

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Garena Free Fire Pro Tips & Tricks

It took Garena Free Fire some time to make a dent in India even after PUBG was banned but they never looked back after their #IndiaKaBattleRoyal ad campaign. Today Free Fire is the most popular battle royal game in India.

The game is similar to and yet so different than PUBG so some PUBG players take time to adjust. To help you play better than others, here are the best Garena Free Fire Pro Tips & Tricks.

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Best PUBG alternatives handpicked for you!

Well, first of all, our sympathy lies with all the PUBG fans and we really hope that the situations change and the government allows PUBG to return to India. However, till that happens there are multiple other options that you can explore and enjoy!

Similar to PUBG there are other online multiplayer battle royale games that are equally mindblowing and engaging. We present to you a curated list of top 5 options here from our gaming experts with the game ratings. So stop pining, go ahead and have fun!

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Bollywood Dictionary

So, we got tired and bored of the interesting stuff as well. It was time to create something unique and so we turned to Bollywood again. We just thought if there was a way to express words in Bollywood terms, through some movies, songs, scenes, dialogues, characters, actors or Bollywood personalities.

And Bam! We didn’t know it’d be so much fun. Enjoy this light experiment that we did to please ourselves as well as you.

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How to cool down after your workout

Over years a lot has been said about the necessity of a warm-up session before starting your regimen. However, a large number of people still don’t do their warming up exercises.

What’s more concerning is that out of those who do, most really aren’t sensitized to the need of cooling down their bodies at the end of the workout. Hence, we are going to answer a very common question about how to cool down after your workout.

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How to choose the best captain and vice-captain for a fantasy cricket team

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and strategy. In the fantasy cricket you have an advantage of creating the best team out of the competing teams. The captain gets double the points so it is practically like another player on your team. The vice-captain gets 1.5x times the points scored and hence another very important position.

So, let’s look at how to choose the captain and the vice-captain in the best possible way.

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Upcoming mobile phones with the launch details

Even as many raise concerns about the increasing usage of mobile phones, most of us have gained immensely from these devices by increasing our productivity or as a source of entertainment.

Most of us are always looking for that perfect mobile phone that serves all our needs, device you can relate to. If you too are looking then, you’ll surely love to know about these cool upcoming mobile phones with the launch details.

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Play game: Catch words fast

Games have evolved over the last decade. Everything has changed so much right from graphics to controls and gameplay. But you still get sucked into a crossword that your colleague is playing next to your desk and you can’t wait to jump into a group of kids playing scrabble.

The simplest of the games still have the same gravitational pull even today. On the same lines you can play game: catch words fast on Piccle.

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