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Advanced technologies present in Chandrayaan-3 Lander Vikram

Chandrayaan-3 is the country’s hottest topic right now. However, the race with the Russian lunar mission Luna-25 has made it an international sensation. All eyes are on both missions to see who lands first on the moon. The Indian mission carries a lot more scientific muscle and brain.

Let’s have a look at the advanced technologies present in Chandryaan 3 Lander Vikram to ensure that it lands on the moon at any cost.

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How to use the impact player rule in Fantasy Cricket

IPL isn’t just about cricket; it is also about entertainment. Since the inception of the Indian Premier League, considerable effort has been put into making it more interesting. As a part of this effort, we see new rules coming up every season, and for good. A new rule, making waves this season, is the “Impact Player Rule”.

If you are a fantasy cricket player and wondering how to use the impact player rule in Fantasy Cricket, read on.

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Apps that help grow your money

From the pandemic, high inflation, recession etc to impact of Ukraine war, we are under pressure with one or the other problems. These are challenging times where many are losing jobs. The recession has pulled down global market sentiment. But this might also be a great time to finally start investing your money and growing your money.

We have curated information about some great and genuine apps that help grow your money for you.

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Online Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Big

The two trends that have been rocking the Indian online gaming scene are Rummy Apps and Fantasy Cricket. Both are very engaging and need skills to win money. While, fantasy cricket apps need extensive knowledge of the game of cricket and players, rummy apps just need the knowledge of the game of Rummy and some practice.

And then you can always find good online rummy tips and tricks to win big, at least here on Piccle!

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How to choose the best captain and vice-captain for a fantasy cricket team

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and strategy. In the fantasy cricket you have an advantage of creating the best team out of the competing teams. The captain gets double the points so it is practically like another player on your team. The vice-captain gets 1.5x times the points scored and hence another very important position.

So, let’s look at how to choose the captain and the vice-captain in the best possible way.

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If you reside in these 6 states, don’t play Fantasy cricket cash games

Fantasy cricket, in India, has become as popular and engaging as the game of cricket itself. Fans celebrate a cricket series not just for watching some good cricket but also to test their cricketing skills and for the chance to win real cash. Is it legal in India to participate in a fantasy cricket league or any other sport?

It absolutely is! But if you belong to these 6 states then don’t play Fantasy cricket cash games.

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Top 5 wicket keepers for your fantasy Cricket team

The wicketkeeper is one of the most crucial members of a cricket team. The keepers can’t bowl they can take a wicket just like any bowler. Today wicketkeepers have worked on their batting skills and are one of the fastest scorers. They can pick wickets purely with their skills by stumping or catching the batsmen behind the wicket.

With their keeping and batting skills, they can be game-changers. Read on for Top 5 choices.

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How to create the best fantasy cricket team

Fantasy cricket fever is running as high as the IPL fever in the country. For those who haven’t tried it yet, it’s fun as you get to create your own team and earn points based on the performance of your players. You’ve to think like a captain as a good captain would know how to create the best fantasy cricket team.

But even captains need help so here we are for the most important tips on how to choose a winning team!

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ICC changed the way the third umpire reviews LBW

Ever since DRS (Decision Review System) was introduced in the game of cricket, it has changed the way cricket used to be played. Many a time DRS has changed the course of the game by reversing a decision at a crucial juncture. And now there is another decision that will change the game of cricket forever.

The ICC has made changes related to DRS reviews of LBW decisions. Let’s see how these changes can impact the game.

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Watch: Rishabh Pant’s giant avatar emerging out of Sydney Harbour as part of BigTime campaign.

Who doesn’t love cricket and who doesn’t love T20? That’s precisely why an event like T20 World Cup starts making waves even when it is months away. This new promo from International Cricket Council (ICC) made waves, literally, when a giant avatar of Rishabh Pant emerged out of Sydney Harbour. ICC shared the video of Rishabh Pant’s giant avatar emerging out of Sydney Harbour in a tweet on July 10, 2022 morning.

Watch the promo video as tweeted by ICC, as a part of the BigTime campaign to promote T20I Men’s World Cup 2022.

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