21-year-old MUA Is Creating Makeup Looks Inspired By Desi Snacks

Divya Premchand, Dubai based is a makeup artist, seems to think that these snacks deserve to be appreciated a lot more than they are given credit for.

This beautiful diva does an amazing job of celebrating these amazing desi snacks by turning them into cool makeup ideas. Click to watch makeup ideas ranging from Lay’s to Poppins and Hajmola… even Maggi!

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Insects, poop & donkey milk – Bizarre beauty secrets from ancient times.

“I don’t wear makeup for others the same way I don’t decorate my house for others. This is my home & everything I do is for me.” – This quote epitomizes how women feel about their makeup and their need to look more attractive. Makeup techniques and beauty treatments have existed since ancient times. Women and beauty, whether it is the days of yore or the ultramodern world, comes together.

So, it isn’t surprising that our ancestors were so much into the beauty rituals. Men and women both emphasized their appearance or looks with the help of their peculiar beauty techniques. You will be surprised to know how strange were the beauty secrets behind their charming faces. Take a look at these bizarre beauty secrets and get to know how they keep them that glamorous.

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How are celebrities slowing down ageing?

Ageing might be inevitable but it definitely can wait, at least for these beauties! Some celebrities are just the living inspirations that we need. Isn’t it unbelievable how you’ll see a heaven-hell difference in even in your year-old pictures but these divas manage to look the same since forever?

We attempt here to look at some of their secrets, rather simple things that they do right, to understand how we too can have the same youthful face and body like them. Curious? Read on to know all about it!

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These are secretly inducing your acne!

“And one fine and important day, I woke up with an adult pimple at the centre of my face!” Relatable? Well, pimples surely have their ways. Don’t you worry, so do we. Acne and pimple are indeed linked but the difference is that acne is a disease and pimples are one of its symptoms.

Apart from the common causes like climate, pollution and genes, there are a number of things that induce acne but are surprisingly less known! Are you having acne because of them too? Read on to know more.

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Increase in hair fall: Why and How to stop it.

If people say breakups hurt the most, they probably haven’t experienced hair fall. And if you find yourself agreeing to this statement, we’re on the same boat. Hair fall hurts so much more than just the disturbing sight of finding the precious locks everywhere from the floors to the showers!

However, not every hair fall is a cause of concern. If you’re shedding up to 100 hair strands a day, that’s considered pretty normal. But if it’s more, you should start working on it. Luckily, there are several remedies available and no, I’m not talking about injecting chemicals to your scalp, these remedies are completely NATURAL!

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Savage Replies Destroying Pick-up Lines

Pickup lines are a reality of life and you can run and hide but you can’t avoid them. Eventually, you will get one. Yes, I’ve faced it too and so did you. Pick-up lines can be cheesy too, well they mostly are, but hit me if I’m wrong, isn’t it the best feeling in the world to be able to have a savage comeback?

While we’re at it, there seem to be some pros, the comebacks of whom are sure to make your day. These beauties with brains (and a sense of humor) totally destroyed those cheesy pickup lines. You ask how? Well, check for yourself!

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What Is The Red Dot Campaign And Why Is It Important For Every Woman

Red Dot Challenge by the UNICEF initiative aimed to promote menstrual talks. The red dot challenge aims at busting myths and promotes facts on menstrual hygiene, collectively inspiring all – men, boys, women and girls to candidly talk about menstruation.

Menstrual taboo has long been a common scenario in India and we are paying a hefty price for it. According to an NDTV report, 23 million girls drop out of school every year due to the lack of facilities regarding menstruation. Lack of knowledge and proper hygiene results in life-threatening conditions in numerous women. Improper disposal of menstrual waste causes serious health complications which sometimes claim the lives of the sanitation workers handling them.

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Is Covid-19 different for men and women?

Viruses don’t usually discriminate but it has been observed that the impact of Covid-19 is markedly different for the two major genders. The health, social and economic impact of the virus itself and the pandemic is different for men and women globally.

The death rate comes as the first surprising difference! Till date least 7 lakh people have lost their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The worldwide data of COVID fatalities suggests that males are more susceptible to COVID-19 as compared to women and even fatalities among the males are higher, and India is no exception.

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Things to avoid on the first date

While lockdown we all connect with our loss connections and in that journey we meet someone who we find common grounds with and we decide to go on a date with that person. It is normal for someone to be nervous, goofy, confused or overconfident on the first date and eventually acting in a manner that might put off their date.

Here is a heads-up for whoever is going on their first date with someone.

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What exactly does it mean when Girls say NO?

Bollywood movies have made songs about it and there have been jokes about it too, but there is a misogynistic stereotype about a girl saying “NO” and it is so deep-rooted in our society that we are almost blind towards it.

Please share with men and women alike. Don’t assume that all the women you know (including your mother, sister, spouse, neighbours, friends or boss) are empowered enough to speak up and don’t assume that all men you know (including your father, brother, spouse, neighbours, friends or boss) are sensitized enough to hear what is being said. Let’s start the movement to teach our society that #NomeansNO

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