These 2 teams are predicted to be IPL 2021 finalists

IPL craze is reaching its peak now. All the surprises, high and low scores just keep making it more and more interesting. When IPL season 14 resumes in Dubai, it was difficult to say who will win this year. However, we are now clearly looking at the teams that are much stronger than others this season.

After 23 matches in the second leg, one can say with confidence that these 2 teams are predicted to be IP 2021 finalists.

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UEFA Champions League: Match Fixtures, Points and Player Stats

UEFA Champions League (2021–22) is the 67th season of Europe’s premier club football tournament organized by UEFA. Initially, it was planned to be played at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany but, due to the postponement, Russia will be hosting the 2022 final.

We witnessed the final of the 66th season just a few months back and the heat is all building up again with the Group stage matches starting for the 2021-22 season.

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IPL 2021 Points table just before 2nd phase

All IPL fans have waited for a long for this moment to arrive. IPL is starting in 2 days and even though it isn’t happening in India we are still happy that we will get to see our favourites fighting it out. As much as Covid Pandemic derailed IPL, our undaunting spirits made it possible to continue the tournament.

As we anxiously wait for matches to start, let’s have a look at the IPL 2021 Points table just before 2nd phase.

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How to choose the best captain and vice-captain for a fantasy cricket team

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and strategy. In the fantasy cricket you have an advantage of creating the best team out of the competing teams. The captain gets double the points so it is practically like another player on your team. The vice-captain gets 1.5x times the points scored and hence another very important position.

So, let’s look at how to choose the captain and the vice-captain in the best possible way.

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Best fantasy cricket apps in India.

Indians love cricket and because of this love for the sport Fantasy Cricket apps have become a craze. New apps keep coming and today the options are endless. The best part about these apps is that you can try playing for World Cup Cricket, T20 Match, IPL Fantasy League, Big Bash, CPL 2020 and more.

IPL 2021 is around the corner. Are you also already wondering which apps to trust? We have a list, have a look.

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Top 5 prediction apps for fantasy cricket fans

If you are a fantasy cricket lover then you know that it isn’t that easy to make the right choices. Whether you play for fun or to win money, it is natural to feel pressure to choose the right team. The good news is that there’s help available. There are prediction apps for fantasy cricket lovers that help you with detailed tips.

So, let’s get on with the top 5 prediction apps that can increase your chances to win.

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If you reside in these 6 states, don’t play Fantasy cricket cash games

Fantasy cricket, in India, has become as popular and engaging as the game of cricket itself. Fans celebrate a cricket series not just for watching some good cricket but also to test their cricketing skills and for the chance to win real cash. Is it legal in India to participate in a fantasy cricket league or any other sport?

It absolutely is! But if you belong to these 6 states then don’t play Fantasy cricket cash games.

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Where Does India Stand in ICC World Cup Super League?

While the world is waiting for the IPL to start on 9th April 2021, there are waves being made in the ICC world cup super league. A look at the ICC World Cup Super League Points Table, after Pakistan’s win over South Africa, projects a grim picture for India but is that something for the Indian fans to worry about?

Let’s have a look at where India stands on the table currently and what’s the way forward for India.

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Hilarious things only Navjot Sidhu can say

We have all seen Navrjot Singh Sidhu AKA ‘Sidhu Pajji’ from Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma. We heard his live Hindi and English commentary on cricket matches and witnessed some of the most hilarious, weird and unimaginable ways in which a cricket match can be commented upon.

At Piccle we too are fans of Siddhu Paaji’s ‘thoko taali’ style openhearted laughter so we curated a few gems from his collections. Here you go!

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All about Pro Kabaddi League: Season 8 starting soon

What do you get if you add the glamour and modern-day format of IPL to an age-old native game of India? The answer is Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). When the idea of PKL was conceived there was scepticism but as big names got involved the excitement levels started soaring. Season 1 of PKL was viewed by 435M just short of 552M viewers of IPL 2014.

Let’s have a look at its current state and start dates of upcoming Season 8.

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