Hilarious things only Navjot Sidhu can say

We have all seen Navrjot Singh Sidhu AKA ‘Sidhu Pajji’ from Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma. We heard his live Hindi and English commentary on cricket matches and witnessed some of the most hilarious, weird and unimaginable ways in which a cricket match can be commented upon.

At Piccle we too are fans of Siddhu Paaji’s ‘thoko taali’ style openhearted laughter so we curated a few gems from his collections. Here you go!

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Easy recipes when away from home.

It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are living alone. When someone stays away from home the most missed thing is home-cooked food. The Covid-19 pandemic not only forced everyone to stay home but also forced everyone to try their hand at cooking also.

So now that you have grown comfortable with your kitchen, how about trying some delicious and yet easy recipes when you are away from home.

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7 Signs that tell you that you’ll be friends forever

You don’t choose friends; your friends choose you to be their friend. I have been blessed with some crazy friends and I will forever be thankful to them for choosing me. So, what do these rare creatures called BFFs look like? How do you know you’ve found one?

Well, they look just like anybody and if you’ve found them, they won’t go unnoticed. So, there’s no need to look for signs but if you still want to know then read on.

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Useless but expensive products bought by people!

A high price is associated with high quality or elite status. This perception has prevailed over centuries but we live in different times. A time so different that even something that is just different, even though useless, commands a high price.

Some buy it for collection purposes and others, ugh! we don’t really know why. Have a look at these products and try to figure it out yourself, if it makes any sense to you!

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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Colors can convey a lot of meaning. There may have been times when you found a particular color alluring, maybe because it represented your mood in that moment. However, if you remain attracted to a single color for a long period of time, it could be an indication that the color reflects a portion of your personality. Almost everyone has a favorite color.

Read to find out what your favorite color reveals about you.

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Most bizarre products you can buy online

While most of us are focused on buying tech gadgets, clothes, books, etc. online, some people are more interested in the unconventional products. While these products can be super crazy but sometimes these can be very useful if we try to look past their oddity.

There are oodles of crazily weird products available on various online retailers today. Here’s a list of some of the most bizarre products you can buy online.

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Top 10 Indian superstitions

We imbibe superstitious beliefs since our childhood. While a logical reasoning can be ascertained as the root of some of these beliefs, most of them hold no grounds. As these beliefs are passed from one generation to another their origin is forgotten and eventually most of these are followed blindly.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Indian superstitions that are still followed by most without knowing why we believe in them.

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This 23-year-old wants to be a mother of 105 children

In the past, it was a common practice to have five to seven children in every family. In view of the changing times, the mindset of the people, along with that of the governments, has changed, and now one or two children are considered good.

But what about this 23-year-old girl who is talking about having more than 100 children at this age and she’s mothered 11 already. Know who’s she and how’s this possible!

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Color Psychology – How brands use Colors to influence you!

Colors play a significant role in human psychology and brands have been using it for improving their sales. It may seem odd but the significance of colors in how people perceive different products is very crucial. Different colors strike differently hence some colors trigger assurance while some incite rage and energy.

Know all about the color psychology used by the brands to influence consumer decisions, your decisions!

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The worst online shopping fails, way too hilarious!

Shopping online has made things easier for everyone. But you have to be careful because the things we see online might be different than what we receive. If the luck isn’t on your side then your, otherwise smooth, online shopping experience can turn into quite an ordeal but we guarantee that it will surely make you laugh when you look back.

Here are some hilarious online shopping fails that you shouldn’t miss!

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