Garena Free Fire Pro Tips & Tricks

It took Garena Free Fire some time to make a dent in India even after PUBG was banned but they never looked back after their #IndiaKaBattleRoyal ad campaign. Today Free Fire is the most popular battle royal game in India and it very well deserves to be so. The game is similar to and yet so different than PUBG that some of the PUBG players took time to adjust to Free Fire. To help you play better than others, here are the best Garena Free Fire Pro Tips & Tricks.

These tips have been collected with the personal experience of the Piccle in-house team as well as with a bit of research and seeking the opinions of expert players. We hope you will find these tips and trick valuable and they will help improve your performance in the game.

Choose your character carefully

Garena Free Fire Pro Tips & Tricks
Source: FreeFire

The game begins even before you enter the battlefield. That’s right, the game begins with choosing your character and weapons. There are 2 free characters, Adam and Eve, to choose from when you start the game. Other paid characters have different strengths.

  • Nikita – 4% faster submachine reload
  • Misha – 2% faster-driving speed
  • Ford – 4% lower damage while outside the safe zone
  • Andrew – 2% less vest durability loss
  • Kelly – 1% increased sprint speed
  • Olivia – Revives other players with +6 more HP

Choose to spend your money wisely and buy/choose the characters as per the need of the missions. I personally like Ford but you will figure out your favourites.

Choose your weapons wisely

Some of the players get lured by the looks and power of the weapon. Each weapon has its own use and therefore you must choose the 3 weapons and a melee item available to you, wisely. Choose 1 weapon each for a long-distance attack (Sniper rifle), Close range fight (an SMG or a Shotgun), very close-range (a Pistol). You may choose a knife or a pan as melee item.

Garena Free Fire Pro Tips - Weapons
Source: Bluestacks

Having 2 long-range rifles doesn’t make sense and neither does having both SMG and Shotgun. You also to be careful about the trade-off between accuracy, range and damage while purchasing long-range weapons. For close-range weapons like SMG or Shotgun you have to concentrate on Damage, fire rate and Reload speed.

Don’t spend money on weapon skins and other cosmetic items, instead use that money for weapons balance and adjustments. Grenades come very handy so make sure you have enough supply of different grenade types.

The Gloo Wall

Source: Facebook

The Gloo Wall grenade is one of the first things that you should buy in your arsenal. It helps you protect yourself in case of a heavy surprise attack and gives you enough time to react after reading the situation. However, the snipers can shoot you through the Gloo Wall and the grenades can also kill you, so change your position as soon as you put up the wall.

Please do note that the Gloo Wall provides a temporary shield only as it can be destroyed by the bullets. So understand that its purpose is to primarily give you some time to think and act without getting shot and not to protect you. The Gloo wall also acts as a distraction for the opponents as they focus their fire on the wall trying to break it down while you crawl away. If you are fast you can take advantage of that such an opportunity.

Keep Moving

Any battle game is a combination of wits, skills and the ability to focus on many things at one time. When you are engaged in a firefight remember to keep moving on. A lot of players don’t move during the fight as they want to focus on their target but at the same time, you also risk being shot by being stationary.

It is important to kill your opponents but the most important aspect of the game is survival. Hence, even if it becomes difficult to target your opponent, keep moving. If you make it a habit and practice it, you will be able to develop the skill of shooting opponents with good accuracy while you are on the move.

Shoot when it’s Red Hot

While playing you would notice that your sights will turn red sometimes while you are aiming it at the enemy. This happens just for a very short while. A lot of players are not able to understand why it happens or even notice it. Your sight turns red when the enemy is in your line of fire. If you shoot just when the sight is glowing red you will hit the enemy for sure.

This becomes really helpful when you are trying to aim at someone while you are on the move. All you have to do is wait for the red glow and shoot immediately.

The Sneaky One’s Win

As I said earlier, Free Fire, or any BattleRoyal game isn’t about kills, it is about survival. You have to avoid close combat as much as possible and you should not be out in the open for too long. You must take cover every now and then to stay away from the eyes of the enemy especially the snipers.

When the game starts and there are many players there is no need to go out and attack other players as that also makes you an open target. Just find a nice place, a good nest and use your sniper gun to take out the enemy. Even if you are moving do not be in the open for too long. If you have to be in an open area then don’t stand and keep moving.

Other important tips

Vehicles: Avoid vehicles except for in the early stages of the game. Moving in vehicles makes you an easy target. If you have to use the vehicles then use in the safe zones only. Avoid open vehicles that make you an easy kill for the snipers.

Aim Precision: Use Aim Precision in the game settings and your crosshair will move towards your target automatically. Follow these steps for an auto headshot: crouch, scope, zoom in, crouch and fire.

Handling Handguns: Crouch while being shot at with a shotgun and you won’t get hit even if you are in the range. You can return fire when the enemy starts reloading the weapon.

Reviving: Don’t lose time when you are reviving a teammate, you can also use the same time to heal yourself as well. Garena Freefire is probably the only game that allows this so you must take advantage of the same.

You might have known some of these tips but we couldn’t help re-emphasizing them even more. We hope that you liked these tips and if you did then please do leave us comments in the section below.

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