The worst online shopping fails, way too hilarious!

Everyone shops online these days, the pandemic has changed the whole face of the retail world and there is no going back. Shopping online is very convenient, and it doesn’t require you to get out of bed, get ready and visit a mall or a market to buy what you need.

The best thing about online shopping is that you can buy anything with just a click, I mean literally anything, however weird or unusual it is, you can buy it without anyone judging you. But you have to be careful because the things we see online might be different than what we receive, especially if you didn’t pay attention to small details. Here are some of the most hilarious online shopping fails that you should definitely check out.

I think she ordered the wrong size…

Online Shopping fail

And that’s why I always look at the physical dimensions of the products I order. Her minor negligence aside, I am wondering who was this mask made for? The lady’s expressionless face says it all. Her silence is screaming about the pain of experiencing her shopping fails.

The perfect fit doesn’t exist? quite literally!

Fashion Shopping fail

Imagine getting this instead of the one on the left, I would be devastated!

OMG shopping fail

Exactly what I ordered Amazon!!!

Hilarious Shopping fails

Oh mi gosh! This one almost borders on fraud. Anyone could have fallen for this one thinking they were ordering the dino-shaped pillowcase. This one fits the description of a “seemingly deceptive presentation“.

Well, the cat didn’t like it, I wouldn’t like it either to be fair!

Worst Shopping fails

Well, hey I won’t have to wear a top, this covers everything. The dream of becoming a long-legged model has come true.

I had no idea that online shopping can turn out to be so disastrous. I almost took pity on the poor damsel but then I chanced upon the next shopping fail. Also read: Biggest Fashion Fails Of All Times!

This poor guy got a dress instead of jeans and shades. Imagine having to explain this!

Online order shopping fail

I know returning items can be painful but subjecting someone to this is absolutely criminal. I just couldn’t stop my laughter when I looked at this pic. However guilty I felt about the poor man’s condition, I just can’t stop laughing. I’d say this is the best example of demonstrating shopping fails.

This guy just wanted to surprise his girlfriend with his face printed on the pillow. I don’t think she’ll be able to sleep anymore!

Shopping fails pillow

She should’ve checked the dimension, not the price alone!

Ok, so Savannah confessed very honestly that she just saw the price ($10) and ordered the chair without checking the dimensions. This is so typical of our behavior when we see great discounts or low priced.

I just hope dear Savannah has a kid so he/she can use this one in the dollhouse or else she can save it for her future kids. Also read: Epic Ad Fails

Yes, EXACTLY what I ordered!

Wow! at $750 that is the costliest joke that I have ever seen. My sympathies are with you Andy, may God give you the strength to bear this loss or take away your sense of fashion so that you can make use of this purchase.

Prom dress, Eh? Looks more like a Troll-dress

Who was this made for is the only question I ask

I am not sure if something like this was in vogue in 2016 but these pair of jeans can only be used by those circus clowns with long legs. I guess the tailor didn’t want to waste any cloth and decided to make use of all the material available to create this masterpiece. Also read: They Had Only One Job

It took me quite an effort to find these gems from the world wide web so why don’t you tell me which one of these made you laugh the most? You owe that to me 🙂

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