Top gadgets to maintain health and hygiene

Nowadays technology has made its way in every aspect of our life. From our day-to-day used gadgets to the ones which we know that hardly exist, technology has played a huge role. Tech in making gadgets is to make our life easy. So why not use these gadgets to maintain health and hygiene.

We can now conduct our health care check-ups on our own, keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. Also, we can consume everything that has been purified using these gadgets and not only it’s sound super cool but also it enhances our health and the way of lifestyle we choose to follow.

It can be really hard to match up the distance between professional life and personal life. Well especially when you have a huge workload it’s very common that taking care of your body skips from your mind easily. That’s when these well-equipped gadgets come to the rescue. Know about some of the most advanced gadgets invented to keep our health and hygiene maintained so that we can live a long and healthy life happily.

#1 Portable Gluten Tester

gadgets to maintain health and hygiene Portable Gluten Tester
source: celiact

It can be proved to be really useful for people who are bounded to eat only gluten-free food. Allergies from gluten can be really tough to handle and thus 6SensorLabs, a San Francisco-based startup came up with this tester Nima.

It is the world’s first portable gluten tester. It also consists of an app that helps you to track and share data with other users who have the same issues. This small detector is easy to handle and use and is surely an amazing gadget.

#2 Sleep Monitor

gadgets to maintain health and hygiene sleep monitor
source: dezeen

It is true that a good night’s rest is important to have to relive stress and cherish our body and mind. Today, as most of the world’s population works using many devices, the rays can affect our eyes and brain. This leads to headaches and mental stress. It can be avoided if you sleep for a considerable amount of time.

It helps to maintain health and beauty too thus sleep monitors like Nokia Sleep were introduced. A Sleep Tracker can detect the amount of time we spend sleeping. There are many breathing movements and phases of sleep that it tracks. It includes light sleep, deep sleep, REM and much more.

#3 Toothbrush Sanitizer

gadgets to maintain health and hygiene toothbrush sanitizer
source: flipkart

Oral bacteria can be a serious topic to talk about and to avoid getting infected from germs in your mouth brushing is important. But shouldn’t brushes be cleaned too?

Toothbrush sanitizers are one of the smartest gadgets which help to remove the bacteria and germs that gets tuck in the brush after you brush your teeth. These germs are not that easy to remove by just water. The toothbrush sanitizer produces UV lights, which kill these germs keep your brush hygienic and clean.

#4 Pullclean Hand Sanitizer Door

gadgets to maintain health and hygiene Pullclean Hand Sanitizer Door
source: springwise

A great way to keep your hands germ-free and clean. This instant hand sanitizer door handles by Pullclean will help to kill all the germs that come from anyone’s hands who handles the door. In this way, there will be no spreading of bacteria and viruses. It is one of the safest ways to avoid germs too. Indeed it is a great sanitizing device that also helps to decrease your work of sanitizing the door handles.

#5 Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

gadgets to maintain health and hygiene self cleaning bottle
source: techcrunch

We all know proper purification of water is needed before we can drink it to avoid ingestion of harmful bacteria in water. It is important to clean and purify the water as well as the bottles. It will avoid intake of any germs and thus self-cleaning water bottles are invented.

These bottles use UV-C LED light, to purify your drinking water in a minute. If you water stored in them, then these bottles will keep purifying them every 2 hours. The LARQ bottles have specified adventure mode to clean water which usually comes from rivers.

#6 Blood Pressure Monitor

gadgets to maintain health and hygiene blood pressure monitor
source: nokiamob

 The wireless blood pressure monitor can be simple and easy to handle and use. The user-friendly device of Nokia BPM+ can help you measure your blood pressure at home where the readings will be displayed in the Health Mate app by the company by just simply syncing with your smartphone or any other device you want to sync with it.

These were some of the best gadgets made to date to help you live an easy lifestyle by simultaneously maintaining your health and hygiene. Let us know which of these gadgets impressed you the most by commenting below.

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