Things you should not buy on Dhanteras

Dhanteras is the day that marks the beginning of celebrations of the festival of Diwali. The different rituals connected to Dhanteras all aim at bringing prosperity to the house and even a long healthy life for all as we pray to Lord Dhanvantri, the Vaidya of Gods. Laxmi Puja is held on the day of Dhanteras. Dhanteras is that day that sets the mood for the auspicious occasion of Diwali. But this day is all about shopping, so shopping is what everyone does, getting ready for Diwali, Buying gold, silver, and utensils are a must.

But did you know that there are a few things that you are supposed to avoid buying on this auspicious day? It is believed that you buy these things and bring them home then it would bring you bad luck instead of good.

So let’s just review items in your shopping list:

1. Iron

If you want to buy iron products maybe buy them a day before as it is a popular belief that buying iron on the day of Dhanteras is not auspicious.

do not buy iron on dhanteras
Source: TheHindu

2. Steel

Another form of Iron that one should avoid buying on Dhanteras, instead you may buy copper or bronze wares if you need to buy utensils so badly.

do not buy iron on dhanteras
Source: IndiaMart

3. Sharp Objects

Yes, anything sharp, that would include knives, scissors, basically, anything that is sharp should be avoided just for this one day.

do not buy sharp objects on dhanteras
Source: Amazon

4. Empty pitchers

How can you buy utensils full of food? Of course not. But when you buy pitchers, fill them up with water before taking them inside your house.

do not bring empty vessels home on dhanteras
Source: Eater

5. Oil

Can’t buy oil? but you would need it for the Deeyas and OBVIOUSLY for cooking. So maybe stock up on it before Dhanteras or maybe just wait for 1 more day.

do not buy oil on dhanteras
Source: Healthline

6. Cars

Buying a car on Dhanteras might feel like the right thing to do! But again, belief says that a car or for that matter any vehicle should not be purchased on the same day itself. The reason is simple, when you buy a vehicle you end up buying iron or steel which isn’t considered to be good on this day.

do not buy cars on dhanteras
Source: IndiacarNews

7. Anything Black

Anything black should not be bought on this auspicious day. Since Dhanteras is such an important day and the color black has always been related to bad luck it is best to avoid buying anything black. All those who are obsessed with the color black can go ahead and shop a day before.

do not buy anything black on dhanteras
Source: Twitter

8. Gifts

If you want to buy gifts or give it to people, it is best if you do it before Dhanteras or after. This is because the gifts would mostly be gold or just giving money, and sending it to someone else house is considered to be inauspicious. It is a day to bring Lakshmi (wealth) home and not give it away.

do not exchange gifts on dhanteras
Source: RealSimple

9. Anything made of Glass

As it is believed that Glass is associated with Rahu, it is best if you avoid buying it on the day of Dhanteras. So forget the fancy glass set that you so want to buy!

do not buy glass on dhanteras
Source: Ikea

10. Fake Gold

If you want gold but can’t afford it, then just don’t buy it because buying fake gold is just worse, it is considered inauspicious for obvious reasons, you don’t want fake wealth coming to you.

do not buy fake gold on dhanteras
Source: Dailymail

Liked what you read? You can thank us later, for now just edit your shopping list as Dhanteras is not far away! Did any of these shock you? Do let us know in the comments below!

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