Weirdest & Funniest Google Searches Ever. Don’t Miss!

Well, before we dive into the collection of bizarre Google searches done by people let me ask you – What is the weirdest Google search you have ever made?

Life without the Google search engine can not be imagined. The enormous amount of knowledge and information that is available at a click of a button today is changing lives every minute. People are searching for anything that they have on their minds. Searching random questions over the internet on Google search might give us some surprise. Many of us also don’t hesitate to search for very weird questions too on Google.

We have compiled the most bizarre and hilarious search suggestions from Google. Have a look!

Health Concerns

Credit: TNI Press

These suggestions are generated by Google’s auto-fill search suggestions algorithm based on what most of the users are searching for on Google. While the feature was intended towards helping people to search quickly for what they are looking for and suggesting the best possible search keywords for the desired results, it also has turned out into a comical place to find how weird people can get on the internet.
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Is That Really Possible?

Now if you that I am kidding you, I recommend that you try one of these searches yourself to have the proof. I insist you try the above search right now and then come back to read about the rest of the weird auto-search suggestions from google 😀

Point Of Desperation

Can you really believe someone searching if the virginity can grow back? Well, it turns out there are a lot of people searching for it and that’s the reason it appears in the suggestions. I guess Google’s helping us accept that humans are weirdly curious.

Who’s Hungry Now!

Just don’t make this search around your mealtime. Ugghhhh!

Self Assessment Through Google

When I see searches like this I wonder if people will stop visiting a doctor or a psychologist in the future for most of the things troubling them and on the other hand, I also wonder about the future of Shrinks!
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Very Honest Search From A Child I Guess

We do know that ‘adults snoring’ to ‘adults fighting’ are real problems in most households but there seem to be a lot of people interested in understanding more about ‘adult diapers’, burps, acne and (ahem!) lice too 😉
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This Might Hurt Some

Given that Linux based searches are mostly done by computer programmers this search suggestion sounds pretty rude. On second thoughts this might be due to windows and/or Ubuntu enthusiasts who would make such searches 😉

Quite A Difficult Question To Answer

Voila! So Google is also Tinder to find a girlfriend and vampires

Well, if people ask so many “why?” they are bound to find “Where?” too. So now you know where to go Vampire hunting or avocado shopping.

Seems To Be Fun!

This one, as funny as it sounds, shows how people are also resorting to Google when they feel lonely and depressed. We just hope that everyone is able to find what they are looking for and look at the positive side of things. Use Google to stay happy and keep having fun with such weird searches!

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