Top 5 video games with no endings!

The gaming world catches on to you pretty quickly and each good game binds you, till you see the end. Every gamer has a strong desire to see the end of a game to have that feeling of being a true winner. Mario Bros ended with Mario saving the princess or Contra ended with killing a cardiac creature in stage 7 and saving the world. However, not every game is designed with an ending. There are a few video games with no endings and it is mostly by design probably to make sure you never stop playing it.

These games are like a loop, you keep going on with your journey again and again. Never something know as “the end” appears. It is sometimes so annoying especially when you are a gamer who loves winning. Well, the fact that the game’s plotline is so addictive it keeps us attached to it is also true.

Maybe the mystery of these games might be revealed one day, until then we gamers can only keep playing and expect a good end in our favorite games. Here are such games whose ending no one has seen to date!

#1 Google Dino

source: Google

This famous browser game from chrome known as Google Dino T-Rex. We all just have tried it at least once in our lifetime. Whenever we have network issues, pat comes the Dinosaur whom we have to control to jump over all the obstacles. As the levels increase the speed and difficulty levels keep increasing.

No matter how long one keeps going on, no one has ever seen the end of the game. The Google Chrome engineer Edward Jung said that it might take 17 million years to end the game and get the victory.

#2 Donkey-Kong

Donkey-Kong is a famous 80s Arcade-style game that never ends. Not many gamers know that the entire Super Mario series was inspired by Donkey Kong. The plot revolves around a gorilla kidnapping Princess Pauline and you would have to go through four levels in a loop.

There are four different endings and when you reach the final ending at level 22 the gorilla dies on its own. Once the gorilla is dead, gamers reach the starting point again. Thus no one can ever see the final ending of the game.

#3 Flappy bird

source: amazon

The frustrating yet amazing exciting game is the flappy bird which was originally called Flap“. Initially, the game was not a big hit but then gamers started creating memes about how annoying it is that no one can win the game. That led to the game becoming a viral sensation.

Many players wanted to give up as there was no end but the extreme challenges offered by the game are simply addictive. There might be a possible end to the game but no one, to date, has been able to score so high to win the game.

#4 Super meat boy

source: mysmartprice

Super meat boy is indeed a super fun game with a lot of obstacles and a crazy plotline to cross over. Crossing over each level is not at all easy and the game might even increase your stress level with increasing difficulty.

A small mistake will more you back to the checkpoint and at higher difficulty levels, gamers can be stuck in a loop for quite some time. The game needs extreme focus and you have to try out a level multiple times before you can move to the next level.

#5 Pac-man

Pac-Man is one of the most played video games for years now. Even though the gameplay looks very simple, it is not. You have to control a yellow ball and move it around to eat up all the dots (points) while avoiding the ghosts. The ghosts move around in a random manner so one has to be really fast to avoid coming face to face with them.

There are a total of 255 levels in the game and the stress levels increase at each level as the speed of the ghosts keeps increasing. The game developers were confident that it will be impossible for anyone to reach level 255, hence, they didn’t bother to design an end to the game. However, in 1999, the video game legend Billy Mitchell played through all 255 levels perfectly without missing even a single dot, prize or blue man. He was quite disappointed though, as there was no “GAME OVER” or “YOU WIN” message at the end.

I hope we took you back to your days when you would unrelentingly play a game to reach its end. Leave your comments to let us know which of these is your favorite and you would like to see the end of the game as a winner one day.

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