Top 5 wicket keepers for your fantasy Cricket team

The wicketkeeper is one of the most crucial members of a cricket team. The keepers can’t bowl they can take a wicket just like any bowler. Today wicketkeepers have worked on their batting skills and are one of the fastest scorers. They can pick wickets purely with their skills by stumping or catching the batsmen behind the wicket.

With their keeping and batting skills, they can be game-changers. Read on for Top 5 choices.

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Uncanny similarities between Sushant Singh Rajput and MS Dhoni

It isn’t common for a celebrity to have their story captured on the silver screen at a young age. And it isn’t common either for the actor and the real-life inspiration of a movie to share a deep bond. The most adorable reel-real duo of all time, Sushant Singh Rajput and MS Dhoni are not just idols but emotions for us.

Our beloved SSR was undoubtedly the best match for the role of our Captain but for reasons more than his realistic acting. Yes, other reasons! A clue… They have a lot in common. Excited already? Read on to find out!

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