Guide To A Perfect Sleeping Position

From secretly skipping sleep to sneaking catnaps every now and then, we all grew up. I mean sleeping is love, yeah, but you do know that not all naps are perfect. Like when you dozed off to cure a pesky headache but woke up with a worse one or when you suddenly woke up with back pain after a sound sleep!

To keep these issues at bay, you need to know about sleeping positions – how to help certain conditions and the pros and cons of each. Interested? Read on to welcome the perfect snooze!

On your stomach

Pros: No snores!

Cons: Often causes neck/back pain due to the neck and back not being aligned. It can also lead to various nerve issues since sleeping on the stomach puts pressure on the nerves.

Conditions :

Though widely preferred, this doesn’t turn out to be very healthy in the long run. It is better to try switching to other positions.

On your back (Supine Position)

Pros: The best position for heartburns (neck should be elevated with a pillow)!

Cons: May experience lower back pain.

Conditions :

  • If you face back pain, try switching to sleeping on your side. However, if you can’t help but return to sleeping on your back every other day, put a pillow between your knees to ease the strain off your back.
  • For body aches, try sleeping on the starfish position.

Avoid this position if you’re suffering from back pain, sleep apnea, snoring or are pregnant. Otherwise, this can be one of the best positions for you.

On your back: Starfish Position

Sleeping on your back with arms over your head can make you especially prone to snores and sleeping problems!

On your back: Soldier position

If you sleep on your back with arms at the sides, you’re sleeping in a soldier position. Apart from snoring issues, this position is unlikely to give you any worries.

On your side (Lateral position)

Pros: Eases your snores, back pain, and is possibly good for your brain!

Cons: Can be bad for body aches (except back pain), arthritis and speed up the wrinkling process.

Conditions :

  • Sleep on your left side if you have GERD problems.
  • If you have heart failure, it’s better to stick to the right side.
  • Try sleeping on your sides if you have sleep apnea, it helps many!
  • It’s best to sleep on the left side if you’re pregnant.

Though it’s the most widely preferred, for most people it’s not as beneficial as sleeping on the back.

On your side: Fetal position

If you sleep curling up on your side with legs bent, you’re sleeping in the fetal position (along with a whopping 41% of people!) This is a good choice if you’re pregnant.

On your side: Yearner Position

If you sleep on your side with your arms spread out, you’re sleeping in the yearner position.

On your side: Log position

If you sleep sideways with your arms next to your body, you’re sleeping in the log position.

Some additional points to follow for a good rest are:

Maintain a proper sleep schedule.

Minimise external noise and light.

Have a pre-sleep relaxing session, for eg: hot bath, meditation or massage.

Ensure a comfortable mattress and pillows.

Avoid exercising right before bed.

Avoid long afternoon naps for a good night’s sleep.

What’s your favorite sleeping position? Are you planning a change? Let us know in the comments below!

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