Play your fav games without downloading

Games are an awesome way to relax and kill some time. But you don’t necessarily have to open your console or download a game on your smartphone. Yes, your favourite games are also available on the browser, so you can just click on the links below and start playing. If you spend your summer vacations playing video games, you are going to love us for this post as we bring to you the all-time favourite games like #contra, #mario, #packman and more.

Here are a few games that we have hand-picked for you to play in your browser with just a click. Don’t forget to check out more games on page 2 of this post.

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Indian House Jugaads: Solutions To Everyday Problems

Indians are known to be Gurus of Jugaad. Jugaad is a colloquial Indian word that can mean an innovative fix, a person who can solve a complicated issue or solutions that bend the rules. The hacks are omnipresent and every Indian uses these Jugaads almost everyday – A housewife in her kitchen, an executive in office, children with their toys, we all learn to use it in our daily lives but sometimes, some of us take it a bit too far.

Here are some of the Jugaads that’ll make you laugh and might give you some ideas as well.

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Best Photo Editing Apps

With smartphones becoming common, everyone has turned into a photographer. We all love to click photos with our phones whether casually to share on social media or with passion as a pro photographer. But to be a good photographer, you need to add that extra special touch. The good news is that there are a lot of photo editing apps that help you give that finishing touch to your photos.

Here is a list of few well-known photo editor apps, both free and paid. Do check out their app store reviews, to see if they fit your exact need, before you download these apps.

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Lockdown Freebies You Must Know About

While gregarious distancing can contain the spread of the virus, it has disrupted the circadian routine of people. Shops, cinema halls, swimming pools, and gymnasiums, among others, are out of bounds.

But there is always a silver lining in the dark clouds, there are a few generous digital platforms that have given free access to their virtual services in order to make the quarantine period more engaging. Read on to know who these brands are and what do they have on the offer.

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Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know

We could all use a little more knowledge if just to impress your guests at your house party. If you’ve been looking for fun conversation starters, we suggest that you arm yourself with these amazing, unbelievable, and very cool facts.

For starters, do you know which country has Unicorn as national animal?

You would be astonished to know which company manufactures most number of tires per year!

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India’s most controversial Godmen

The Babas and their ‘Leelas’ in India are nothing short of the miracles shown in any Bollywood movies. There is nothing like the Baba business – low start-up cost, negligible notional theorization and you don’t need to require to shave in the morning! With their high-level connections with politicians and bureaucrats, these babas thought they were invulnerable until the point that the law got up to speed with them.

Here are the fake babas who were caught, brought to justice like any other criminal, and then sent to jail.

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Ordinary Photos That Will Make You Look Twice.

Impeccable timing, coerced perspective, or just a game of shadows, if a picture makes you puzzled and you visually examine it again and again, then it is a good picture. No Photoshop, no digital intervention — just pristine ocular perceiver candies and encephalon twisters. A keen eye and a bit of luck are all that you need to capture such moments that tell a story other than what the photograph would have been without that extra shot of coincidence.

These impeccably timed photos are the result of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so just check these out…

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Actors Who Faded into Oblivion

Bollywood is a sea of talent that finds new faces every other day. Thousands of people move to Mumbai every day with just one dream of becoming a star. Some are lucky that they make it to the top, others struggle really hard but don’t get that chance. On the other hand, some with amazing talent, good looks and the right opportunity disappear from the silver screen after their grand debut.

Have a peek at this list of Bollywood stars who have vanished from the industry despite a great debut and/or after appearing in multiple films.

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Hacks To Keep Veggies & Fruits Fresh Longer

With the coronavirus pandemic all around us, life has been confined to our home and that has resulted in very many challenges that we haven’t faced in our entire lives. Going out to buy groceries or fruits and vegetables for our daily needs isn’t advisable and even ordering in on a daily basis is a challenge with all the delays in delivery that we have been witnessing.

The only solution to this is to order fruits and vegetables in bulk and use age-old hacks to keep them fresh. This is a problem that I have been facing myself so I decided to share these awesome ways to solve this problem. I do hope that you will benefit from this post.

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Hilarious Things People Ask Alexa

We all know about Alexa, the AI-based personal assistant from Amazon. Alexa has a great sense of humor as well and she can regale you with jests, stories, and intriguing trivia. People use Alexa not only to listen to jokes, music, turn on the TV etc but also to ask weird and hilarious things.

Did you know that there are plenty of secret voice commands with hysterical answers? We’ve listed some of the weirdest things that people ask, and Alexa’s replies.

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