6 types of liars – How many do you see around you?

The fact that you clicked on this article just shows that we all lie once in a while. No one, literally no one just says the truth so that technically makes us all a little like Pinocchio. Whether the lying is about why you can’t meet up with your friends or lying about getting your marks on the test that you oh so dreaded, we all lie and people around us lie too.

Lying is so natural sometimes that you don’t even realize that you’ve made up a lie. Since we’ve established that we all lie once in a while, let’s see the types of Liars.

1.Compulsive Liars

These liars have a lot of reasons to lie but you can’t find out why exactly they are lying. They make up stories and those stories just don’t seem to add up. They horrible at hiding that they are lying, you are able to tell because they display such behaviors that clearly show that they are lying. Not making eye contact, sweating, and just panicking while talking or rambling are the biggest hints.

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These are once again divided into two types – narcissistic liars and habitual liars. Narcissistic liars have a very narcissistic personality and they love to make stories that just revolve around themselves. These people always try to show themselves as such great heroes. Their stories almost always just seem to be very far-fetched and honestly way too made up.

On the other hand, habitual liars have the habit of lying all the time as if they are addicted to lying. It is such a common and regular habit for them that they don’t think of lying as a big deal or unnatural act.

2. Pathological Liars

These liars are triggered by any stimuli like shame, guilt or a conflict and as a result, they lie. These people are absolutely great at telling lies and great at making stories as well. It is mostly very difficult to tell whether what they are saying is true or false. As compared to the Compulsive liar, you can just never tell whether a pathological liar is right or wrong.

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Pathological lying actually has a psychological term – pseudologia fantastica – characterized by the creation of eloquent and interesting, sometimes bordering on the fantastic yet believable stories, that the subjects tell to impress others. They are so good at lying that they will look you in the eye and lie to your face. They don’t hesitate or look away. They use this as self-defense as well.

Lying could be a way for them to avoid anything traumatic experience that they might have faced. It is a way for them to protect themselves if things go wrong. If you are faced by a pathological liar, it is important to call out on them, but be sure to not be aggressive, it shouldn’t seem like you are threatening them.

3. Sociopathic Liars

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These people are extremely hard to deal with. They never care about others. They don’t care about how their lies would impact other people. These liars can be narcissistic and super charming at the same time. Liars belonging to this category are great manipulators and they will make up fictional stories just so that they get you to do what they want.

Being their target can be horrible as they continue to manipulate you for as long as they can. These people are great actors, so they know how to work their way around people. They can act like they care for you even if they don’t, which they don’t most of the time. These people can ruin your peace and mental health.

4. White Liars

“White lies are not really lies” is what we believe but this is not the case. Once lied, White lies can make you think they are harmless and that they are probably not even beneficial.

These kinds of liars mix both truth and lies. So that when they get caught they can say that they didn’t mean to deceive and that they did this to protect themselves. White liars often mix the truth with the lies. Sometimes they are trying to protect us from getting hurt.

5. Careless Liars

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This is a special category of liars. Careless liars are almost completely insensitive to others as they don’t think about the consequences of their lies. They don’t care about any morals whatsoever and because of this, they lie all the time, and that too without an iota of remorse.

If you are careless when it came to lying it best to tell them about this problem. They are mostly aware of what they are doing but that doesn’t mean they would change themselves or even admit to what they were doing. It is best to leave such people as they would give you lots of stress.

6. Occasional Liars

This type of liars lies once in a while. this could be a benefit them. You can call out these people. Most of the time, if you call out an occasional liar on their lies, they will be genuinely sorry and want to work on it and change. Most of us fall in this category for sure, if not the above 5 categories. Usually, the lies are small, harmless and for self-protection. Occasional liars feel the guilt of their actions and once they confess they feel much lighter in their hearts.

Lying is a very complicated topic, especially since family members are involved. The only thing you can do to protect yourself from liars is to verify facts instead of blindly believing what you hear.

Did any of these shock you? Do let us know in the comments below.

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    Very useful to know about different kinds of lies. It’s also funny to understand, that we can go through in our daily life. So be it


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