5 Ways Yoga can change your life!

The first thing that pops into our minds when we speak about Yoga is peace that unites calmness in your heart and brain. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years but in today’s world, it has merely become a way to remain physically fit.

As per Indian scriptures, Yoga was mainly done for its meditative and spiritual core, however, we can safely say that even you don’t fully realise how yoga can change your life.

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Useless but expensive products bought by people!

A high price is associated with high quality or elite status. This perception has prevailed over centuries but we live in different times. A time so different that even something that is just different, even though useless, commands a high price.

Some buy it for collection purposes and others, ugh! we don’t really know why. Have a look at these products and try to figure it out yourself, if it makes any sense to you!

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Top 10 Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks

Instagram Reels is a video-music blended feature where you can promote your business and your social links easily, sell merchandise or increase your following. Today Celebs, TikTokers, Instagrammers and marketing companies are using this option to promote themselves. But what exactly does it take to harness the power of Reels?

We bring to you the best Instagram reels Tips and Tricks to achieve your social goals.

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