PubG is coming back to India… know how and when!

For almost 9 months frustrated PUBG gamers have been asking ‘When is PUBG coming back?’, ‘when is the ban on PUBG ending?’, ‘Will PubG return to India soon?’ and so forth. The fans of the game also started a hashtag on social media #pubgunban to show their support and to keep track of any developments related to the PUBG ban. Their prayers were heard and their hard work paid off finally, PubG is coming back to India. However, the million-dollar question is, will it be the same game or will something change?

The battle royale game was banned in 2020 and creators of PUBG had announced that they will terminate all access from India on Oct 30, 2020. The PubG team, however, has worked very hard with the Indian Government and agreed to the conditions laid for the return of the game to India. Check out when is it going to go live in India again and how PubG ensured its return.

Battlegrounds Mobile India uploaded a video on YouTube on 6th May revealing that the game is coming back to India soon… actually sooner than what we might have expected it to return. However, it comes with certain restrictions for Indian players like game time in a day.

If you are confused because such announcements have been made in the past as well, the maker of PUBG, Krafton has announced that they will take PUBG live in India. Although the South Korean video game developer released a statement that the game won’t be coming back as PUBG but as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

However, there is more to discover about PUBG’s return to India as we dig a little deeper. We explore how and what made it possible for the game to return so quickly. Let’s understand what’s on the offer as the new version of the game goes live.

What’s the deal PubG has made to return to India?

First of all, PubG has agreed to multiple conditions laid out by the Indian Government to make its way back to the Indian market. These conditions include the following

  • Maximize data security for its players.

  • Adhere to the local regulations which means they will store their data in servers located in India and they will be completely bound by the Laws of India.

  • Regular audits and verifications on the storage systems that store the personal information of Indian users.

  • Establishing a local office where PubG will hire over 100 employees to enhance communications and services with players.

In addition to this, the PubG corporation also announced that it will, along with its parent company Krafton, is planning to invest $100 million (roughly Rs. 750 crores) in India to “cultivate the local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries.

Is there any catch?

Well, we hope not but there is a possibility that the experience of the new game won’t be the same as in the past. This can either be good news or bad news for gamers.

The PubG corporation will be going live with a different game version for India which will be different from the rest of the world and hence, different from what the gamers have experienced before. The gaming company had to develop the new game to adhere to all the terms laid down by the Indian Government to facilitate the game’s return. The new game is called Battlegrounds Mobile India catering specifically to Indian gamers.

Can a different game be good news for Indian gamers?

PUBG is coming back to India as Battlegrounds Mobile India
A customises version of the game will be launched in India by PubG

Actually, there is a fair possibility that it might be a blessing in disguise. The ban has now forced the gaming company to launch a different game but they might end up making it better and more suited for the Indian audience.

The game developers shared that they will improve in-game content and also customize it to “reflect local needs.” The changes will include a virtual simulation training ground setting, India-inspired clothing on new characters, and green hit effects instead of red. The new game will also add a feature to restrict game time for younger players.

All the PUBG fans have a good reason to cheer now and get ready for the Battlegrounds Mobile India, the new game. BMI, if we can call it so, will start the pre-registration for the game soon. So keep an eye on the pre-registration process. Happy gaming!

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