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Proven Yoga asanas to tackle irregular periods and correct hormonal imbalance

The irregularity of one’s menstrual cycle is a common issue nowadays. While each woman’s menstrual cycle is unique, it usually occurs around the same time each month. It is considered typical if the cycle lasts between 21 and 35 days. Periods are considered irregular if they arrive early or late according to your normal menstrual cycle. Pregnancy, stress, obesity, and medicine are all causes of irregular periods. Many women find it inconvenient when their periods do not arrive, or when their cycles are unusually long or short

Why Yoga Asanas?

Yoga, a form of natural exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years, works in conjunction with powerful medications to significantly improve reproductive health and menstrual cycle regularity. Yoga is a time-honored discipline that relieves stress by relaxing the body, soothing the mind, and stimulating female reproductive functions. It is made up of stationary postures, flexing motions, and breathing techniques that all work together to instill total well-being.

Yoga Pose to Manage Periods and Maintain Hormonal Balance

Fish pose (matsyasana)

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In the fish pose or matsyasana, lie down with your back to the floor. Keep your elbows close to your waist and your arms beneath your hips. Bend both legs in a cross-legged position, keeping the knees and thighs in contact with the floor. Take a deep breath in and raise your upper body and head for a few seconds, holding the position. Then, exhale and allow your torso to relax.

Bow pose (dhanurasana)

Lie on your stomach with your feet slightly apart and your arms by your sides on the floor. Lift your lower legs, keeping them stable with your hands on your ankles. Lift your legs and chest off the ground with a deep breath. Spend as many seconds as possible doing this before slowly lowering your upper body and legs to the floor.

Garland pose (malasana)

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Begin by squatting in a comfortable position on the floor, with your heels flat on the floor, your thighs spread apart, and your feet closer together. As you exhale, bend forward and squeeze your torso between your thighs. Fold the hands and place the elbows on the inner thighs while applying pressure. Swing your arms, slightly raise your heels, then squat back down and unwind.

Downward Facing Dog Pose (adho mukha svanasana)

You should be able to balance yourself with your head turned forward, arms down straight, knees bent, and lower legs stretched outward on the ground like a table. As you exhale, slowly raise your hips while straightening your arms and elbows to form a V shape. Hold the stance for a few minutes, extending your arms to raise your body even higher. Then, gradually let go and return to your original table position.

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