The inspiring journey of Darshan Raval!

The journey of a 26-year-old independent singer who started receiving fame for his work since he was just 19 is something that amazes every fan. Fans have been in love with the voice of Darshan Raval since 2014 when he joined ‘India’s Raw Star‘ and proudly call themselves #Darshaners and a part of the #bluefamily.

Well, it seems like more and more college dropouts tend to do something awesome in their life and Darshan Raval is just one more shining example of this theory. Let’s get to know Darshan Raval up close and find out why the count of Darshaners is increasing day by day!

The beginning of the Darshan Raval’s journey!

Darshan Raval is also known famously by his fans as Gabbu meaning a cute, nerd looking guy but someone who has the tendency to steal your heart! It was when a 19-year-old boy from Ahmedabad wanted to make a career in the music industry and entered the famous reality show of India’s Raw Star’s first season.

Darshan Raval made headlines when he came up with his first independent song “Meri Pehli Mohabbat” while he was the contestant of the show and as predicted the Darshaners went crazy and are still in love with the song.

Darshan always had a unique passion for writing and composing his own songs which caught the eye of famous singer Himesh Reshammiya, who later helped him start a career in the industry.

He started singing at the age of 3 and when interviewed about it he said that his father was the main motivation for him to write and sing as he is a lyricist himself. Also read: The rags-to-riches story of Dharmesh Sir

Key facts about Darshan Raval!

Date of Birth: 18 October 1994 (Tuesday)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Education: Shree Swaminarayn Gurukul

Hobbies: He loves hanging out with his friends, travelling, playing Guitar

Favorite actor and actress: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif

Favorite Singer: Himesh Reshammiya, A.R. Rahman

Favorite Colour: Grey, Black, Royal Blue

All about his Dip Zip Band

The Dip Zip band formed by Darshan Raval, Chinmay Roy and Raj Boriwala was a huge hit in Gujarat. The band also quickly earned fans from different states in India. The band’s journey started on 21st December 2011 and these young boys just nailed it with their straight-from-the-heart music. Also read: Who Are The BTS and Why They’re Everywhere!

Their concerts got great traction in several cities and the fact and they did not take any training for performing in concerts. In fact, in one of the interviews, Darshan claimed that he never took any guitar classes. Quite surprisingly, he got so good at it by simply learning from YouTube and practicing for hours.

Most surprisingly the trio weren’t friends and just happened to meet in a music store. Darshan first coincidentally met Raj and then met Chinmay again at the same store out of another strange coincidence. Sounds like a Bollywood movie? Hell yeah, it does!

Darshan Raval’s Bollywood Debut

After becoming the first runner-up of the show Darshan signed a Gujarati film “Patel vs Patrick” which was released in 2016. He made his Bollywood debut via Salman Khan’s “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”. He sang the famous song “Jab Tum Chaho” and he has also made several compositions in his own channel. Also read: Reality Show Participants Who Are Ruling Millions of Hearts

His single “Tera Zikr” gained 200+ million views. His other songs like Kheech Meri Photo, Bhula Dunga, Saari Ki Saari, Chogada, Kamariya, and Tere Naal also got a lot of love from #bluefamily and #Darshaners.

The DReam album!

When Raval announced his debut album in 2020 we Darshaners just couldn’t handle our happiness. The soothing voice of Darshan made this album a huge hit. A couple of months back on his birthday, Darshan released the first song titled “Judaiyaan” from his new album “DReam”. The song video stars him and Surbhi Jyoti. After seeing the chemistry of the duo Darshaners started shipping them so hard and also created #DarshBhi.

The next song of the album ‘Mujhe Peene Do‘ was released by the end of October 2020. A lot of fans reacted to the combination of alcohol and the cute singer saying that ‘their small baby wants to drink now‘. The song again was a huge hit and we also got Darshan’s friends supporting and promoting the song. This break-up song is surely a fine piece of work!

The album has another song titled “Barsaat” that is so heart-touching that even without having Darshan acting in it we can feel what he is feeling. One can also make out the amount of effort that he has put into the song. This is a perfect song for a night-long drive and his voice is so surreal in this song.

Another song worth a mention here is “Maa”. The soulful lyrics of the song along with his voice just melts your heart. Fans were left with tears because the song exactly describes how much Darshan misses and wants back his mother who passed away.

Fans, love life, marriage?

Every Darshaner out there has been always interested in Raval’s love life and who will be the lucky one to marry him? Well, we cannot give an exact idea of his love life as “Gabbu” has been always been like a shy kid whenever he speaks about his crush or love life.

Darshan has been famous because of his breakup and love songs that have such a soothing effect as if he has really experienced love and breakup in his life. He has been joking around that although he doesn’t have a girlfriend he can very well pull off a love song because “a coach never actually plays in the field.” The fans can only wait for the big announcement of him finding a perfect match for himself.

It is said that Libra men always have a positive vibe and hate being alone. Darshaners have been shipping him and Surbhi for a very long time. Since Surbhi is a Gemini they have high compatibility and can have a perfect balance in life if they tie the knot. Also read: Origination of #SidNaaz: Why are they so loved?

Also, they both are said to be very gentle in real life so they tend to care for each other and love and cherish each other no matter if they are only friends or in a romantic relationship. As fans, we can only hope for things to happen but one thing is for sure that the bluefamily has been and will in the future also keep supporting Raval!

Last but not least, Darshan has always been close to his fans even in the pandemic period he never missed staying in touch with his fans. Be it a zoom call or going LIVE on Instagram, he has been updating every Darshaner about his life which seems so heart touching and cute.

No doubts his fan following has grown multifold in the last few years and we hope it keeps increasing. We will bring more such articles for you and until then you can keep supporting us by visiting Piccle regularly and as Darshan says #Spreadlove!

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