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According to new research from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin, even small bouts of intense exercise can help neutralize the harm prolonged sitting causes. Don’t worry the all-new 4-Second workout can take care of your fitness!

It’s natural to be sitting longer while working from home. We all try or at least think about doing something to avoid back pain, weight gain and other related problems arising out of long hours of sitting. However, most of us fail to do anything due to work pressure and/or paucity of time.

It seems the research from Austin provides a great alternative for all working professionals.

I, myself was an inactive person. I would prefer to sit for hours to complete my daily tasks. If I had any break, I would use my phone instead but not use the 4-second workout. Quite similarly, people across the globe find themselves stuck at work from home jobs, quarantine periods, and spend hours sitting on the couch watching TV, reading or playing video games.

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The 4-second workout can reduce the harmful effects that an extended sitting can do on your body. If you are working 10 hours a day and take a break in between, ask yourself if you can invest just 4 seconds five times every hour.

Benefits of 4-second Workout

  • The new research done by Edward F and his team from Austin found that small bouts of exercise conducted five times every hour can improve fat metabolism and decrease triglyceride levels in the bloodstream.
  • Plus, the smaller period of workouts has faster results and benefits than the longer ones.
  • Additionally, a 4-seconds workout five times every hour keeps individuals active while longer exercises once a day will let your muscles inactive for too long.
  • You have to activate your muscles to improve fat Metabolism.

Small bouts of exercises have better results tomorrow. In the words of Edward F. Coyle, “Exercise improves health. Usually, what you do today improves your health tomorrow.” So, if you exercise even for small periods many times in a day, you are still going to be benefited from it.

For the study, a team of researchers approached four men and four women to sit for 8 hours straight. All of them were healthy and in their 20s. They could only get up to use the washroom and have meals. To check the ways their body reacted to high-fat meals, the next day they had a milkshake with ice cream, and their blood was drawn.

On a separate day, they conducted the same activity but with 4 seconds workout five times every hour followed by 4 seconds break. On the next morning, these four men and four women had a milkshake with ice cream. This time they saw a 31% decrease in their triglycerides level.

For those who don’t know about Triglycerides, it is a type of fat you will found in the blood. These are stored in your fat cells. So, when you consume more calories than you actually burn, you will have a higher triglycerides level. And when you exercise you will see a decrease in these levels and a better metabolic response.

Key Features of Exercise Snacking

Exercise Snacking is a term used for a short burst of exercises multiple times a day. Instead of spending two hours at the gym, you can engage yourself in small bouts of exercises and still be healthy with a desk job of straight 8-hours.

  • Keeps you fit even after working for long hours
  • You can invest 4-seconds five times each hour to just stand up and sit. It is also called reverse squats. While you are sitting, you can stand up and sit for 4-seconds – repeating five times every hour.
  • The motive is to remain active as much as you can. Inactive individuals go through varied diseases.
  • However, exercise snacking or a 4-seconds workout reduces the harm of heart attack, cancer, diabetes. On the other hand, improves sleep cycle, mood and stamina.

What comes after the 4-second workout ?

a good sleep after 4-second workout

Exercise is a healthy part of life. As much as you need food to survive, your body needs to be healthy to live longer. But, after putting so much effort into it, the body needs rest.

If you are already working all day, plus doing small bouts of exercises throughout the 8-hours, then you need rest. Avoiding sleep because you may have extra work, or you want to go out or anything concerned your body will have its side effects rather than benefits.

Additionally, good sleep means you are getting ready for the next morning’s exercises otherwise you won’t be able to repeat the 4-second workout even for an hour.

And I believe the best way to lose fats is to go for multiple times of exercise throughout the day.

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