21-year-old MUA Is Creating Makeup Looks Inspired By Desi Snacks

Are you missing all of your favorite food that you might not be able to eat during the pandemic and you probably can’t go snacking. I think we’re all making a list of the foods that we would like to eat freely as soon as the pandemic ends.

Divya Premchand, Dubai based is a makeup artist, seems to think that these snacks deserve to be appreciated a lot more than they are given credit for. She does an amazing job of celebrating these amazing desi snacks by turning them into cool makeup ideas.

Here are Divya’s cool looks and makeup videos.

2 minute Maggi

She has done several series of makeup, there is always drama and a tad bit of glitter in her makeup but the most fascinating one is the desi snack series. She has been creating amazing makeup looks using Indian snacks as an inspiration. This series has some of the most loved snacks in India, that range from Lays to Hajmola. Some of these snacks will surely remind you of the 90s, so 90s kids get ready to get all nostalgic.

Pass the Pass Pass yaar!

Not only does she share these amazing makeup pics but she also shares the videos of the makeup. It is amazing to see how simply and quickly she is able to do so. Have a look at the video below.

Blue lays! Everyone loves them!

Divya’s Instagram account is in case you want to follow her. She also posts some funny videos and a lot of training and product review content for all those interested to stay updated on makeup.

The love for Poppins

Haldirams Aloo Bhujia – No better way to spice things up!

If you liked these looks, check out the Alpenliebe, 50:50, Hajmola and Kurkure looks on the next page and some really fun makeup videos as well.

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