Unbelievable that your body is capable of these things!

The human body is an amazing machine, there are so many things that we can do. We use our bodies every moment of our life yet we don’t know so much about them. The feats that the body can achieve can be more fantastic than the stretch of our imagination.

From the usual metabolic activity, unbelievable strength, complex functioning to breaking the obvious notion, some of these facts may seem weird but surely amaze you. Read on to find more.

1. We blink around 20 times in a minute which would make that over 10 million times a year.

2. Just as your age never stops, so does your ear, it never stops growing.

Source: pixabay

3. Our thumbs have their own pulse. Technically no but a big artery passes through our thumbs and therefore we can feel the pulse of that artery in our thumbs. They say thumbs have their own pulse to remind people not to check someone else’s pulse using a thumb.

4. Your bones are 4 times stronger than concrete and 5 times lighter than steel.

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