Which ‘Phile’ Are You?

The word ‘Phile’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘phileein’, meaning ‘to love’. So a ‘philia’ is a special love, attraction or preference for a certain type of thing. Do you love working and being productive? You’re an ergophile. Obsessed with tattoos? You’re a stigmatophile.

Read on to find out more words that might describe you!


A cat lover

Cats develop attachments to humans just like babies and dogs ...

Are you a huge cat person? Do you see yourself happily adopting ten cats in the future? Then you’re an ailurophile.


A dog lover

When the family pet dies, children deserve the chance to grieve ...

Similar to the previous word, this one describes a lover of dogs and puppies.


Lover of rainy days

Happiness is a new rain coat! (and other customer service stories ...

A pluviophile is someone who finds joy and peace of mind when listening to the pitter-patter of rain. You can never expect them to stay indoors on rainy days.


A person interested in stars and astronomy

Just Add Some Filters - Jimin Serendipity Wallpaper Hd (#1232364 ...

Ever looked up at the night sky in wonder? Astrophiles take it one step further with their passion for all things space and star-related by studying astronomy.


Gold lover

Toque de oro | Gold aesthetic, Bella kotak, Photography

It would help if all Chrysophiles were wealthy because their thing for gold is not one that is easily satisfied.


A person who loves solitude and being alone

Can I Grieve Without Experiencing a Death? | The Grief and Trauma ...

Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Sometimes everyone needs some quiet time in their lives but if you’re an introverted autophile, you usually crave solitude.


One who collects stuffed toys


Teddy bear collection is a rather fun and interesting hobby. It doesn’t matter if you’re forty years old or four, there is no age limit to being an arctophile.


Someone who is fond of reading or has a great love for books

Pin on Reading Heals ♡

Bibliophile literally translates to a person who loves books and book-collecting. You will always see a bibliophile surrounded by a book or two. They are constantly reading and lost in the world of words.


A person who adores pigeons

8 Ways to Get Rid of Pigeons From Your House (& Bird Feeders ...

Peristerophiles are big on collecting and caring for pigeons, and in a country where pigeons are considered pests rather than pets, this is surely a bizarre love to have.


A person who climbs buildings for fun

Viral Video UK: Backflips on a high Hong Kong roof top - YouTube

This dangerous activity is an obsession for stegophiles.


A person who enjoys lighting and thunder

Lightning Wallpapers - Top Free Lightning Backgrounds ...

Ceraunophiles love thunderstorms, although it is unclear why. One argument is that the chaos the storm brings about enhances the sense of security that their own homes provide, therefore giving them a heightened feeling of comfort.


A record collector and lover of vinyls

The 10 Best Vinyl Record Players in 2020 – Bass Head Speakers

Although everything including music has been digitized in recent times, the feeling of pulling out a vinyl from a case is incomparable. Someone who grew up with a gramophone record and experienced the era of vinyls will surely relate to this word.


Someone who enjoys reclining and lying in bed

Long Sleeping⎹ American Sleep Association

Clinophiles aren’t just lovers of lazy days in bed, scientists actually associate this love with sleeping disorders. Clinophiles never tire of being in bed — or maybe they’re just really tired.


Someone who loves the sea

Someone you loved aesthetic uploaded by mystratfordwish

The origin of this word is from the Greek word Thalassa, meaning “sea,” and a thalassophile can be defined as “a lover of the sea.” The sea’s shades of blue transfix thalassophile, they always long to either live by the sea or already do.


A lover of cemeteries

Wide angle of headstones and gravestones in graveyard or cemetery ...

Cemeteries are normally quite creepy things to be affectionate of, but Coimetrophiles don’t think so. This mausoleum for the dead is a sanctuary for some of the living.

Did you find any words that you could relate to? Let us know in the comments.

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