Top 15 hilarious “Follow me for more” recipes

Just a while ago, Twitter was blowing up with the ‘art and artist’ meme trend which got people laughing. Now, we have a new one, in the block – ‘follow me for more recipes’. It’s all about recipes that sparked a wave of laughter not due to their preparation methods, or rather we can say the lack of it.

A lot of Twitter users decided to join the fun and took things into their own hands, and decided to make memes of their own. The meme is a single image divided into two parts. While one of the images shows a base ingredient, the other shows the so-called ‘prepared’ dish. And, the end result is just funny. Just another example of how creative people can be with such a simple topic.

Here are a few ‘follow me for more recipes’ memes for you; Bon Appétit!

Hot and steamy H2O

Authentic British mashed potatoes

Right pairing is a culinary art too!

Unwrapped Chickpeas A La Minute

Blanched Solified Water Soup On Deck

Dry Pomegranate Macedoine

Mixed Fruit Jam bruschetta

Nouilles faire bouillir (Boiled noodles 😉)

Saucisse après avoir tranché (Sliced sausage 😂)

Fraise coupée (cut strawberry)

Cacahuètes pelées (Peeled Peanuts)

Omelette with extra calcium

Lactose dose

Revenge Chicken Broth

Mysterious Spaghetti

Bonus: This one is till the last step.

Would you want to try these recipes? 😀

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