The uncanny predictions by ‘The Simpsons’

A 1993 episode of The Simpsons features unprecedented flu and an attack of killer bees amidst it. Seems too relatable to the murder hornet attack on America during the Covid Pandemic, right? Well, it wasn’t just one or two times that the longest-running animated series has been in the news for its accurate predictions. Yeah, you saw that right, it predicts! Could they really see the future? That’s for you to decide. Take a look at some of their surprisingly true prophecies.

Picture phones and Smart Watches (1995)

Season- 6, Episode -19

It seems that the invention of picture phones(smartphones) and smartwatches were known to them as early as 1995!

Faulty Voting Machines (2008)

Season 20, Episode 4

We got a glimpse of Homer trying to cast a vote for Barrack Obama but failing due to a faulty machine. The same happened in the 2012 elections when the votes for Mr.Obama were transferred to Mitt Romney at Pennsylvania due to a faulty machine!

President Trump (2000)

Season 11, Episode 17

But Donald Trump was elected only in 2016! Also, the episode also gives a flash-forward to the poor American economy left by Donald Trump. In fact, Lisa even mentions inheriting “Quite a budget crunch” from President Trump.

Nobel Prize Winner (2010)

Season 22, Episode 1

Bengt Holmstrom was predicted as a winner of the prestigious Noble Prize 6 years before he was actually awarded the Nobel Prize!

The Higgs Boson (1998)

Season 10, Episode 2

The invention of the God Particle in 2012 had taken the world by storm. How come Homer knew about it in 1998?

Greece’s Financial Crisis (2012)

Season 23, Episode 10

And we thought the world didn’t know that a developed country could default on an IMF loan repayment before 2015?

Tiger Attack (1993)

Season 5, Episode 10

The tragic ending of a long-running show with tiger attacks is unusual. Well, that’s what happened with Roy Horn in 2003, almost 10 years after a Simpsons episode mentioned such an incident, bringing an unusual end to the expert’s 13-year-old show!

Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox (1998)

Season 10, Episode 5

Have a look at the label in the picture! Wait, they knew this almost 20 years before the acquisition?

The three-eyed Fish (1990)

Season 2, Episode 4

They even predicted the discovery of a three-eyed fish next to a power plant way before the discovery!

Deformed Veggies(1999)

Season 11, Episode 5

Homer’s artificially engineered Tomato or Tomaco became a reality in Japan (2013) as a result of Fukushima power plant meltdown.

The Horsemeat Scandal(1994)

Season 5, Episode 19

The discovery of undeclared horse meat in beef products shook the world in 2013. It seems to be the real-world version of this 1994 episode where the lunch lady adds horse parts to the school’s lunch pot.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are some other predictions credited to them:

The NSA spying scandal- 2013 ( Predicted in 2007)

The Ebola Outbreak – 2014 ( Predicted in 1997)

Fifa’s corruption scandal – 2015 ( Predicted in 2014)

Lady Gaga’s half-time show- 2017 ( Predicted in 2012)

USA’s Olympic curling win – 2018 ( Predicted in 2010)

What do you feel, are they mere coincidences or the makers of the show prophesiers? Let us know in the comments below!

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