SidNaaz in Shona Shona. Cute behind-the-scenes moments!

Honestly, can we ever get enough of SidNaaz? Give the cutest and hottest couple of the industry a song by Desi Music Factory and they create unprecedented magic with it. Once again they have set the entertainment industry on fire!

As you all enjoy the song, here are some of the cutest backstage moments from #Sidnaaz during the shoot of Shona Shona. We hope you enjoy these the way you have enjoyed our previous posts on Sidnaaz.

Why only Sidnaaz in the song?

The song starring Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill is sung by the famous singers Tony and Neha Kakkar and they wanted a happy vibe in the video of the song. No surprise that they zeroed in on #Sidnaaz due to their absolutely charming chemistry and the energy they bring in their work.

Casting Shehnaaz!

When Tony Kakkar was asked regarding the casting of SidNaaz and their work, he said that he had created the song long back but was waiting for the duo to get free from other projects. He saw Shehnaaz’s TikToks on his song and he decided to cast her in Shona Shona. He said that there was a mutual understanding and bond with Shehnaaz as she was already into his songs.

Casting Siddharth!

Tony said he waited for Sidharth to give his reply. We all know that the answer had to be a big YES since Shehnaaz had already said yes to the project! Tony also shared that the chemistry of Sidnaaz is unmatched and the bond that we got to see in the Bigg Boss house was once again visible in the song. All the #Sidnaazians can see the glimpse of true friendship, bond and love which looks so real that it is hard to believe that they were just acting in the song! We believe it is more than just an act, what do you say?

Special moments of Shona Shona

The Punjab experience

The shooting of the song took place in Chandigarh, Punjab and fans all the way from Mumbai to Punjab kept tracking and supporting them. Well, the makers did not want to reveal much about the song for a long time and many rumors started floating around about the possibility of Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill getting married in Punjab. Some even claimed that Sidharth went to meet Shehnaaz’s parents for the same reason.

The family connection

Rumours apart, they had a lot of fun in Punjab and even as some people claimed that Sid was spotted (and clicked) near Shehnaaz’s house in Punjab. Anyway, it was clearly seen in the sets of Bigg Boss that they both are very close to each other’s family as they say their “FRIENDSHIP” is indestructible! Also, the way the Shukla family came to drop them, gave happy family feelers. Needless to say, #Sidnaazians got emotionally charged about these moments.

Fun on the sets

They created some amazing videos showcasing how much fun they had in the entire shoot of the song. The duo along with Tony Kakkar and others in the team also created some of the funny videos and the fans went all crazy once again.

Shehnaaz – Beauty with a kind heart

Sumit Kumar the talented choreographer of Shona Shona also spoke about the sizzling chemistry of SidNaaz and praised them a lot for their work and energy in the song. He already had worked with Shehnaaz Gill but did not expect her to instantly recognize him at the Shona Shona sets and was very happy to meet the duo. I guess that says a lot about Sehnaaz’s simple personality and humble nature.

Friendly Sidnaaz interactions with fans

After Bigg Boss, not only Shehnaaz but Sidharth also received much fan love in Punjab. So many videos of Shukla along with Gill and friends enjoying the beautiful locations of Punjab and meeting fans went very viral when each fan started posting their pics with the famous couple and people started lining up to see them in real. We must mention here that SidNaaz were very friendly and met their fans very happily trying to spend a bit of their time with them.

BTS Sidnaaz moments of Shona Shona

The duo is now very comfortable with each other and every Sidnaazian can see it for sure. The BTS videos of the song are still getting uploaded by the fans now and then so we could see clearly that they had fun while shooting the entire song. When Shehnaaz was interviewed regarding the song and its plot she said that Shona Shona is a very cute song that their fans will get to see and even Sidharth echoed the same while speaking about the song in another interview.

This is one of the most famous, viral, trending, cutest videos of SidNaaz that got so much loved by Sidnaazians and we exactly know why it is so famous. Shippers just couldn’t get enough of the way Shehnaaz gestured Sid to sit beside him and it’s true that they have their unique bond which cannot be explained.

Btw they look all serious till Sidharth settles down and after that, I am sure that I am not the only one who could notice, how they swing their legs – it just took me back to my college days when a couple can be seen sitting next to each other and swinging their legs to let out the nervous emotional energy that one feels when in the proximity of one’s beau.

This picture is kind of amusing and funny at the same time and the look they have on their face is so similar which is indeed astonishing. The Sidnaaz fever soared high when this picture got released, it is just cute in its own way!

Just adding one more precious picture of Sidnaaz to our list and fans were happy to see this one truly. It was one of the earliest released bts pictures and it says all about the kind of warmth and comfort they share with each other.

Celeb reactions to the song!

All the cuteness and 3D environment set-up of the song attracted many and with that, a few well-known SidNaaz supporters and celebrities did a small video of themselves with their Shonas. Sidharth and Shehnaaz both are very close to their fans and they did share a few of them in their stories which took Instagram on a huge spin!

Jay and Mahi who are often seen making adorable videos with their kids have always supported SidNaaz strongly since Bigg Boss. This cute version of Shona Shona is candy to the eye for sure.

Actresses Anita and Surbhi have ruled fans’ hearts with their acting skills but this video just took it to the next level. The charming beauties just nailed it with this song!

The real reason why Shona Shona is a hit!

The song is a huge hit due to the onscreen chemistry of Sidnaaz. However, the truth remains that such chemistry is very difficult to achieve unless their hearts are also connected. They have both shared a lot of emotions in Bigg boss house, overcome many difficulties, had disagreements and then they came back together.

The million-dollar point I am making is that onscreen chemistry is just a manifestation of how you feel about the other person. You can act without a connection, but you can’t emote. They both could emote and that’s precisely how they could bring the song alive.

The overloading cuteness with the chemistry between them seen in real life was again seen in reel life and hope so we’ll get to see more of it and pretty soon. Until then keep visiting us for more entertaining stuff and keep supporting us!

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