Read this to know why TV is called an Idiot Box

Indian television shows have changed the definition of reality. They have made impossible things possible which is way beyond the imagination of a normal person. Indian Television has clearly demonstrated that it has nothing to do with reality and logic. The makers of these daily soaps make their characters to perform the weirdest things with full commitment.

It has become a competition to see who has got the highest number of episodes. So that they are stretching the serial without worrying about the level of insanity they can throw at the viewers. Read the most hilarious and absolutely mindless things happening on Indian Television.

Cleaning a laptop with soap

Yes, this really happened in a show called “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya”, where the brilliant bahu, Gopi bahu cleaned the laptop of her husband with a sponge drenched in soap-water. Then she rinsed it with water in the sink and finally hung it to dry like the rest of the laundry.

We think we all should also clean our laptops once in a while like this 😉

Bahu bani Makhi

The makers of the show “Sasural Simar ka” took the twist to an all-new level of stupidity when they decided to turn the lead actress into a fly. Yes, you got it right the first time, a FLY!

She spies (flies) around the house, meanwhile her mother-in-law (saas) senses her presence somewhere. Great!! And no, the awful plot doesn’t end there. Simar turns back to her human form and immediately gets impregnated by the devil.

We all need to learn how sweet divorces can be from Abhi and Pragya!

The Brilliant writers of the show “Kumkum Bhagya” have made absolute changes in the way India’s divorce system works. After the divorce, Pragya is still in the house as Abhi is on his mission to marry off Pragya to Suresh.

Hey Suresh! Dude, you gotta be careful, Abhi has raised the bar too high for you to match 😀

Ba or Baby… They are always party-ready

Looking at the female characters in the show, you won’t be able to make out whether they are going to attend a wedding or it’s just a normal day in the house. Seems they have a hidden mini-parlour inside their bedroom.

There’s only 1 temple in the world where everyone meets

Irrespective of the city in which the characters in a serial are living in, they will go to the same temple.

Actresses don’t age… mother and daughter look like sisters

According to the storyline of the show “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya”, it took a leap of eight years in 2014 and then it again took a leap of 10 years in 2015, and then in 2016 it took a leap of 5 years……But the point to be noted is that no one ages🤔

The mother and daughter seem to be of the same age.
Nani ji came for just a few days to stay…

At the time of her entry, it was told that she comes every year for a few days. But afterward, she never leaves her daughter’s house 😂

Jab Nani ji aap jaaengi hi nahi to wapas kaise aaengii

Shooting has become a left-handed sport and guns come by easy
If something bad happens then it has only 1 meaning – God is trying to give you a hint...

God is giving all the hints only to these reel life Drama queens😂… and all the time. If you run out of creative options then use a hint from the Gods.

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