Mind-blowing differences in IPL stats of Indian Vs. Foreign Players

IPL is a level playing field where players from different cricketing countries come together on the same platform and compete as a team with each other irrespective of which country they represent. Such a heterogeneous composition of cricket teams shall remove all biases and the performance of the Indian and non-Indian players should be free of their nationality. You will be surprised to see these spectacular differences in the IPL stats of Indian and non-Indian players.

It didn’t matter which foreign country the non-Indian players belonged to and how much have they played on Indian soil earlier. The trends are so distinct that you will be left thinking as to what all possible reasons could be behind such stark differences in performance across various disciplines of the game.

IPL Stats for Most Career Runs

IPL Stats most runs
Source: iplt20.com

Indians really score big time here with just David Warner being there in The top 5. Call it Indian conditions or the ability of Indian batsmen to keep scoring in the T20 format, we outshine the foreigners in scoring runs consistently.

 Virat Kohli (RCB)19258782008–2020
 Suresh Raina (CSK, GL)19353682008-2019
David Warner (DD, SRH) 14252542008-2020
 Rohit Sharma (DEC, MI)20052302008-2020
 Shikhar Dhawan (DC, MI, SRH)17651972008-2020

Highest individual score

The table is turned though when it comes to the highest scores. It seems like foreign players are better at scoring at a fast pace and taking their personal score to new heights. And it is not just one country Gayle, McCullum, de Velliers play for West Indies, New Zealand and South Africa respectively.

As we said, it didn’t matter which country they belonged to didn’t matter when we look at the stats. Only KL Rahul, from India, could make it to the Top 5, that too in the last season of IPL.

 Chris Gayle (RCB)175*66PWI2013
 Brendon McCullum (KKR)158*73RCB2008
 AB de Villiers (RCB)133*59MI2015
 KL Rahul (KXIP)132*69RCB2020
 AB de Villiers (RCB)129*52GL2016

IPL Stats for Most sixes (overall)

IPL stats most sixes Chris Gayle
Source: iplt20.com

A mixed bag here with 2 foreigners and 3 Indians featuring in the Top 5.

Chris Gayle (KKR, RCB, KXIP) 1313492008–2020
AB de Villiers (DD, RCB) 1562352008–2020
MS Dhoni (CSK, RPS) 1822162008–2020
Rohit Sharma (DC, MI) 1952132008–2020
Virat Kohli (RCB) 1842012008–2020

IPL Stats for Most fours (overall)

IPL stats most fours
Source: iplt20.com

While no one seems to own the skies, Indians definitely seem to be owning the boundary. With just David Warner appearing in the Top5, Indians have shown their love for hitting boundaries.

It is remarkable to see how such big hitters like Gayle, McCullum, deVillers etc haven’t made it to the Top 5 of this list. Another example of how IPL stats can be so surprisingly different for Indians and foreigners in IPL.

Shikhar Dhawan (DC, MI, DH, SRH)1755912008–2019
David Warner (DD, SRH) 1425102008–2020
Virat Kohli (RCB) 1845032008–2020
Suresh Raina (CSK, GL) 1894932008–2019
Gautam Gambhir (DD, KKR) 1524922008–2018

Most sixes in an inning

Well well, we didn’t expect this, and neither did you. A complete washout; even though it’s just three players who dominated the list, we’d have expected at least 1 Indian to make it to the top 5. This further highlights how different Indian and foreign players are.

Dhoni, Kohli and Rohit Sharma who are in the top 5 list for overall 6’s do not feature in this list at all, as a matter of fact, they don’t even feature in the top 10 of this list. Want some more surprises?

IPL stats most sixes

Only 1 Indian features in the Top 10 for most 6’s in an inning, Murali Vijay. Even more surprisingly, Mahi, Virat and Rohit are not there in the Top 20 either.

Chris Gayle (RCB)17PWI2013
Chris Gayle (RCB)13DD2012
Brendon McCullum (KKR)13RCB2008
Chris Gayle (RCB)12KXIP2015
AB de Villiers (RCB)12GL2016

IPL Stats for Fastest centuries

This table clearly shows how obvious the skew is in the playing styles of Indian and non-Indian players. Only Yusuf Pathan made it to the list. This, however, can be a direct result of foreigners being more successful in hitting 6s in a single inning.

 Chris Gayle (RCB)30PWI2013
 Yusuf Pathan (RR)37MI2010
 David Miller (KXIP)38RCB2013
 Adam Gilchrist (DC)42MI2008
 David Warner (SRH)43GL2016
 AB de Villiers (RCB)43GL2016

Now that we have seen how the batting performances are so different between the two sets of players, have a look at the bowling, wicket-keeping and fielding performances too. You might be even more surprised with the stark differences that you never noticed earlier.

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