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It might feel like there’s quite a divide between normal people and celebrities; for they are revered, looked up to, and sometimes even worshipped. Being in such a spotlight all the time can catch one off-guard and put you in a tight spot. And well, we all have our moments of goofiness or when someone pulls a fast one on the only mindless thing that we might have said in a long time.

Some of the celebs are known to be witty and funny and others get targeted by the witty ones to create moments that fans love. Some of these interactions tell us that celebrities are also just people — and they also scroll mindlessly through social media like every one of us. How mindlessly? read on and figure it out.

The funny (and naughty) side of King Khan

Source: Twitter

No love lost between Anurag Kashyap and Ram Gopal Verma

Source: Twitter

Pat came the reply from Ram Gopal Varma and a witty one 🙂

Source: Twitter

Lisa Haydon Vs. KRK

Lisa posted a pic and it got the attention of Kamaal R Khan

Source: Twitter

KRK had asked Lisa about the purpose of posting the pic and Lisa gave him quite a licking for the uncalled-for intervention.

When Kim K acted like she discovered Bird Box and Chrissy Teigan took her down a peg

Parenting via Twitter! Actress Amber Tamblyn got dad shamed for procrastinating

When they got the wrong Camila!

When Cole Sprouse trolled Justin Beiber and (incorrectly) corrected his grammar in this bizarre tweet

This reply honestly won the internet. If you know, you know.

When ‘Ariane’ Grande shut a gossip site down with two words

Lili Reinhart had some solid advice regarding veggies for Riverdale co-star

It’s funny to see interactions between celebrities, but even funnier when they talk to non-famous people. Someone posed the below question on Twitter at the start of this year, and some of the responses are hilarious.

It’s a power move to provoke a famous celebrity instead of fangirling after they literally follow you. This interaction may have been the reason why Matt Damon left Twitter.

When Matt Damon did a Jason Bourne disappearing act

“Lmao”, indeed.

Of course, who could forget this iconic exchange that has since been reused as a meme countless times?

One could say getting a reply from Kirsten Dunst is an achievement, no matter what was it was that she said. And well, this person certainly got what they asked for.

How pathetic can it get?

This is why it’s important to check who you’re talking to — it could be just a movie buff, or quite literally the writer of the movie you’re referencing.

And we’re gonna wrap this up also with SRK’s humour

Ummm… maybe we can devote an entire post to SRK’s funny tweets 🙂 Here’s the last one for you guys!

Did you ever have a fan moment where a celebrity noticed you? Let us know in the comments!

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