Best dating apps for Indians – Which one’s for you?

The pandemic pushed the digital ecosystem into an overdrive. From apps to consult doctors online or pay bills digitally to apps that keep us connected with our kin remotely, we are becoming more and more introverted. But the apps that help people meet have made life easier for all the youngsters. The dating and matching apps have become very popular and have seen a rush of activity lately.

There are a bunch of such great apps. All you need to do to find your perfect match is swipe right or left. Here are the top dating apps in India that are best for dating. But why use dating apps you may ask?

Let’s break it down

  • You can decide quicker with dating apps.
  • You can take things at your own pace.
  • You have a wider outreach.
  • Dating is just so much easier.

These are the best apps that you can use when it comes to dating and meeting new people.


Definitely the most popular and best app in India for dating. This app is used by a large number of people. Tinder has a free version, in which you get unlimited swipes, yet the premium version takes dating to the next level. Tinder can be found on iOS, Android, and Web.


  • Large userbase and hence there are options aplenty.
  • You have the power to like or dislike.
  • Anyone can use it men, women, and LGBTQ members.


  • You might get catfished.
  • You might be risking your privacy.
  • Tinder is all about hook-up culture.
  • Accidental swipes can’t be fixed.

Suitability: If you are looking for something casual, then this is the app for you, by far the most popular option for casual dating.


Another great app for dating, one of the top apps in India for dating. This app comes with a twist, it requires the girl to initiate the conversation, making it an initiative to break the stereotype of guys texting first. For people of the Same-sex, either of the two can make the first move to start a conversation with their match on Bumble.


  • Women get to make the first move
  • 60% of matches result in a conversation.
  • Bumble can be used for dating, making friends or networking


  • Men cant initiate the conversation
  • There are only 24hrs to make the conversation permanent, or the match will disappear.
  • You can search based on gender, age, and location.

Suitability: Bumble is best for people who are looking for something serious as you can choose your preference and swipe accordingly.


The app has a unique algorithm, it shows you the people who pass your ways throughout the day, which increases the chances of you crossing paths.


  • The chances of an encounter with a match are high.
  • Bots and scammers cant make accounts.
  • Can make connections easily.


  • Proximity is restricted.
  • Users from smaller towns might run out of matches eventually.
  • Safety may be at stake.

Suitability: If you are one of those who don’t want to play outside your neighborhood this one’s great, not having bots makes it so much better.


This app has peppy ads all around the web and is another great one for dating and you might find your soulmate through this app. The app asks a set of questions answered by both the users to find the perfect match. It also shows a compatibility score between users to find their perfect match.


  • Users can build their profiles based on interests.
  • This app has a very simple messaging interface.
  • It has virtual dating features as well.


  • Doesn’t have a huge crowd.
  • There might be a lot of fake accounts.

Suitability: If you are not a speed dating fan and would go out to meet only someone like-minded then you should be looking at OkCupid to help you match with that someone special.


Trulymadly is a sort of an alternative for Tinder and has similar features, however, what differentiates them from all other matchmaking apps is that they have a strict verification process. Their matchmaking is based on a score calculated based on the verification of users and it also allows you to be the wingman or wingwoman that helps find your best friend her type of matches. 

Some interesting features about this app

  • The app has an incognito mode.
  • Catfish isn’t possible as verification of every account is done.
  • Referrals increase the score of trust.
  • No one can take screenshots or download your image, so you have your privacy.

Suitability: Trulymadly is not a typical dating app but it’s a matchmaking app for people genuinely interested in a long-term relationship. The rigorous verification process makes sure that you don’t bump into someone non-serious. So if you are seriously looking for a match with your soulmate in a safe, secure manner, Trulymadly is where you should be going.

Which one will you be trying out? Do let us know in the comments below!

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