10 reasons why Men will be Men!

There are things that nearly all men do or can be seen doing all around the globe really stating that men will be men. A likeness amongst all men really makes one wonder if we all had the same upbringing or if we are all genetically wired to be like this. Women are unpredictable in their reactions to the same situation, but it is so surprising to see almost every man having the same, or similar, reaction to a certain situation.

It’s like a genetic bond driven by the Y-chromosome that runs so deep that even science can’t explain. We bring to you a few things that only men can understand and relate to. Women out there, time to be shocked.

1) Men Don’t Cry in front of others.

Men will be men

Yes, the stereotype and upbringing of a man make him unable to cry in front of someone and if he cries in front of you he really trusts you. Men pretend to be hunk without any feelings but they are truly softies from inside.

2) What day is it today?

Damn the dates! Men are really clumsy when it comes to remembering which date it is and what the occasion is. The MCQ in Man’s brain is harder than IIT entrance once he is facing his pissed off wife.

3) Dependence on the opposite gender.

Admit it, be it our mom or wife, we can’t find something that is dearly important at once unless we ask for it.

4) Men care for their skin and hair too.

Though it’s hard to see many men getting manicures and pedicures in a parlor, Men have a secret place in their hearts for their skin and beard.

5) Technology is Bae.

It is really difficult to find a guy who doesn’t know about technology. let it be phones, laptops or even earphones, Men can gossip about technology for hours and always have a competition of which technology is better, the best way to find out is by typing technical on youtube.

6) If you can’t beat em join em.

Men will be men sports

Let it be fighting for women or fighting for your favorite team when it comes to discussing, men always unite as one while putting aside their differences.

7) Bro-code is universally applicable.

Like laws of physics or the laws in the constitution, the Bro code is like a rule that is applicable to all men. If anyone breaks it they are stated to be an outcast or a transgender in some parts of the world. Did you know that the book name ‘The Bro Code’ was the best seller on amazon in Newyork?

8) When boys plan a trip it’s an all-boys trip.

Men will be men - all boys trip

When a guy tells his female friends/wife that he is going on a trip with his friends it’s a clear indication that its an all-boys trip.

9) Men’s real place of worship.

It’s true that boy’s rooms are usually messy but when it comes to their ride they make sure it’s cleaner than Singapore’s roads. But as stated before a man depends on his wife/mother to help him find the keys.

10) Theory on Beard.

Though our parents find us human without a beard, it’s a matter of social acceptance that you are a grown-up and a man after you have facial hair. Without a single facial hair on your face, you are still expected to hit puberty

Bonus! Cooking is like defusing a bomb.

Breakfast in bed seems like a good idea but when you get up from bed to see the mess in the kitchen left after a man has cooked can really make you regret the decision.

I hope you enjoyed these facts that the majority of all men can relate to and clearly show that Men will be Men wherever they are in the world!

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