Top 5 K-Drama that’ll make your heart skip a beat!

Korean Dramas, in short K-Dramas have become very popular worldwide and for one simple reason, you cannot help falling in love with it once you watch it. These television series are highly entertaining and addictive, especially in the rom-com genre.

With the perfect balance of drama, romance, unique plotlines, fashionable outfits, charming scenes, quirky acts, heart-touching soundtracks and KPop idols, they don’t leave much to desire.

With the trend of K-Dramas soaring, we thought it was time that we came up with a list of romcom K-dramas you shouldn’t miss. Here we go!

Secret Garden:

Top 5 K-Drama that'll make your heart skip a beat!
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If you haven’t watched it yet then you must because this charming drama will hit you with its fresh plotline. Starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won as Joo Won and Gil Ra Im respectively, the drama revolves around a typical rich boy and poor girl script. But what is different here is that this couple will switch bodies.

The rich, arrogant yet romantic Joon Won will have to adjust to the lifestyle of Gil Ra Im and honestly, it is funnier than what you can imagine. Also, you can’t miss Oska played by Yoon Sang Hyun who has his own love story in the series. Moments of Gil Ra Im fangirling Oska and Joon Won falling for her and getting jealous is funny and amusing at the same time.

Top 5 K-Drama Yoon Sang Hyun
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The drama initially aired on 13 November 2010 and has a total of 20 episodes. The duration is around 1 hr so if you have a craving for a real fantasy romcom then go for it.

Strong Girl BongSoon:

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This is one of the best choices you can make to watch the cuteness of Park Bo-young. She plays Do Bong-Soon, an extremely strong woman who can hardly get hurt physically. The superhuman quality passes only to the women in her family and thus all the males are born super weak. She is mad about it as her mom takes special care of her brother.

Talking about her love-life the tough beauty has always had a huge crush on her friend and police officer Guk-doo played by Ji Soo who dates and likes delicate women just opposite to our hero Bong Soon. Fast-forwarding she gets hired as a bodyguard to the playful, rich and extremely handsome Ahn Min-hyuk played by Park Hyung-Sik.

Now if you are thinking that this is just a rom-com then it is not. There are a series of kidnappings, secret attacks on Ahn Min-hyuk which will be solved by Ahn Min-hyuk and Do Bong-soon together. In between this mess, they will gradually develop feelings for each other and get into a romantic relationship. I feel that their love for each other is so adorable that it should be illegal <3

Top 5 K-Drama that'll make your heart skip a beat - Bongsoon
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The drama was released on 24 February 2017 and has 16 episodes with around 60-70 minutes duration.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder:

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Isn’t a handsome nerd guy and cute active happy girl a match made in heaven? And who else to bring this charming relationship on the screen than Xing Fei and Lin Yei, one of the cutest couples you will ever find. They play the characters of Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi in the series. The story starts with Si Tu Mo’s love for her childhood best friend Fu Pei, played by Tang Xiaotian, who also likes her but doesn’t take their relationship seriously.

Just as she’s getting tired of his mistakes and her life, luck shines on her and she gets work at a sketchy company she dreamt of. But again no drama is complete without the ups and downs, twists & surprises and all the struggle and hustle to make it work. So, at this point, our nerd hero Gu Wei Yi who doesn’t even know the meaning of love makes his entry.

Well, we’re calling him a nerd time and again because all he knows is Physics, till he meets Si Tu Mo. His and Si Tu Mo’s mom are besties. They both hatch a plan and make Gu Wei Yi and Si Tu Mo share an apartment.

Gu Wei Yi’s caring nature, a bit of possessiveness and care towards Si Tu Mo gradually makes her fall for him and in the end, after crossing all hurdles and hesitation in expressing their love for each other, they get married. They have a baby named Gu Mo Wei and live happily ever after!

Top 5 K-Drama Si Tu Mo
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There are 24 episodes in all and the running time of the episodes is between 40-45 mins.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

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If you are a Park Seo Joon fan then you have made the right choice to stop by, if you are not his fan then you will be one after watching this series. He plays the role of a rich CEO Lee Young Joon who is so full of himself but in a cute way.

His secretary Kim Mi-so, played by Park Min Young, has been working with him since he stood up on his own feet in the business. K-drama fans have a thing for a love story between a boss and an employee and that’s what this series is all about.

The real drama starts when Kim suddenly decides to resign. The ways in which Lee Young Joon tries to keep Kim Mi-so working for him are hilarious. But when he is finally faced with the truth, it drives him crazy that Kim wants to leave because she wants to find her Oppa (an old friend) who saved her from a traumatic experience at a young age.

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Lee tries everything within his reach to help her and, obviously, retain her so much so that he even asks her to marry him. It’s a different matter that his romantic endeavors often turn into a comic disaster. In the end, Kim does fall for our hero and also finds that he is her Oppa who she has been trying to find for years.

They get married and help each other to overcome their trauma from the kidnapping that happened in their childhood.

This is a perfect drama with cute scenes of a boyfriend getting jealous, a love triangle, a boss-employee affair and a childhood love story. There are 16 episodes having a duration of 62-76 minutes each and were released in 2018.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo:

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Well here’s another strong girl’s story in our list. The plot revolves around an athlete college campus. The character of an aspiring weightlifter. who wants to make it big, Kim Bok Joo is played by Lee Sung-Kyung. Along with her friends, there is also someone who enters her life. Nam Joo-Hyuk is definitely one of the cutest faces you will see in K-Dramas and he’s essaying the role of Jung Joon-Hyung.

Both Jung Joon and Kim know each other since childhood and Jung Joon aspires to be a great swimmer. As the story develops around their college life Kim falls for Jung Joon’s brother Jung Jae-Yi and he initially supports her as well. But later, as he develops feelings for her, it becomes an emotional turmoil for him.

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Jung Joon-Hyung starts performing poorly in the tournaments because of the depression and trauma he is going through. It also brings back memories of his mother who left him when he was a kid. He stayed with his relatives and used to receives a card from his mother every year. His heart is further broken when he discovers that his mother stopped sending him cards and his aunt and uncle were the ones sending them in later years.

Finally, things between Kim Bok Joo and Jung Joon-Hyung take a good turn when they actually start falling for each other. After overcoming all the obstacles the couple gets successful in life and the scene where Jung Joon-Hyung proposes to Kim Bok Joo will make your heart skip a beat!

The 2016 drama has 16 episodes in total with a duration of 60 minutes per episode.

So that was our collection of the best rom-com K-Drama ever made and there is more to come. So what you guys think which one is the best and which one you can watch over and over again?

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