Mindless scenes from Bollywood movies

Bollywood movie directors are known for a lot of good things but they do have their weaknesses. One such weakness is stereotypes. Once the industry senses the acceptability of a particular concept or scene or a sequence then they just stick to it and don’t want to experiment till it stops working. The copy-paste culture is so blatant that they probably don’t even look at the screenplay or the plot for some of the scenes.

One such area is those scenes that don’t seem to change across movies directed by different people under different banners and very different cultural and socio-economic backdrops. We bring to you some of these scenes that are mindlessly copied by the movie-makers movie after movie, year after year.

Wedding Laughter

Why? Why on this earth do these directors expose us to the same “he he he he” from random chicks running around in just about any and every wedding scene in any Bollywood movie?

Sad song dance

In 90% of sad songs sung by our heartbroken hero, the carefree heroine dances away to glory. It is downright DUMB if not insensitive… don’t you get the lyrics? The guy is literally crying and they make the heroine dance around him merrily and completely unaware of his feelings.

A hopeless bachelor’s line

Why not just toss a coin or the age-old trick of “She loves me / She loves me not” to decide?

The super hackers

The speed at which Bollywood hackers type random sh!t on laptops and break into virtually any system, within seconds, is mind-numbing.

At this speed of coding India can become the biggest computing superpower within a week. And within a year the “Terminator: Judgement day” will be a reality.

You can’t see me now.

Figure out the brilliant strategy of our iconic heroes. First, they’d select a disastrous disguise that won’t fool even a child, then they’d go singing and dancing right into the stronghold of the villain… and to top it all no one recognizes them. No one. Really?

Timing is everything

Right when you think the situation is predictable in a fight, there are no bullets left in the gun. Whether hero or villain, one of them is bound to run out of bullets for sure.

Can the producer employ someone to count the bullets, please? This has to stop for some innovation to happen.

Last min withdrawal

Just try guys… try diffusing the bomb with 20 seconds remaining or let it blow once in a while. Make it unpredictable for the audience. Abhi humko pata hai yeh nahi phatne wala!

Comedy end template

Create confusion, make everyone chase someone, then get everyone at one place, create more confusion, make everyone fight with each other and in the end call the police. It can be hilarious, we get it… but that’s not how it needs to be done always. Change it unless you want us to avoid the last 10 mins of your movie.

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