Untold stories behind popular brand names

If you don’t believe us, Backrub it! You want to buy something then look it up on Cadabra? Hey, want to grab a coffee from Cargo Cafe? Do you have an account on Kibble? Did any of this make sense to you? Of course not, it wouldn’t, but it would’ve made a lot of sense if Google, Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix had stuck with their original names.

Know these interesting untold stories behind popular brand names.

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10 Gruesome Original Versions of the Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, fairy tales were filled with murder and torture rather than a true love’s kiss or happily ever afters. Back in those days when storytelling wasn’t a business but just an act of passing down these stories to the next generation, maybe people didn’t care about happy endings or moral/ethical leaning of the good and bad characters.

In 2016, the original first edition of the Brothers Grimm Fairy tales was translated to English for the first time, leaving people shocked over the gory details of the stories. Although thanks to Disney, we may remember these stories a bit differently. So read on to find out the dark and disturbing original versions of some popular fairy tales…

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