Top online betting sites in India: Are they legal?

Betting comes naturally to humans. Be it amongst friends, family or colleagues we all have placed bet with them on one or the other matter. From a cup of coffee to a pack of cigarettes we are so used to betting in our daily lives.
Things change dramatically though when it comes to real betting when there is real money at stake. The boom in online betting sites in India has appealed to all of us at least once. Read on!

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Side Effects of Engineering

Engineering entrance forms should come with a warning label reading “Admission into an engineering course may cause caffeine dependency, insomnia and lack of social life. Proceed with caution!” All those years in engineering are bound to have a profound effect on one’s personality, thought process and of course, the choices one is going to make in the future and engineering course seem to posses some weird gene modification process that not only changes how one acts and behave but also one’s looks and hairdo and gait etc

Although some don’t believe in these life-changing power of engineering institutions, they believe that you are chosen at birth to be an engineer based on their karma and whatever you do, you will end up being an engineer and give the world another geek or nerd 😀

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