10 movies to watch when missing your friends

Back in the day, with all the work, college, busy schedules and family it used to be hard to catch up with our besties. Now, as we are put under a sort of house arrest by a tiny virus, we all wonder what a big part of our life are we missing without meeting our friends. These might be testing times for all relationships but with friends we don’t have to think worry, but we all do miss them.

But no sweat! The next time you miss your friends, you can pop on one of these epic movies based on friendship that will bring you comfort (you might even cry).

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Money Heist Season 5 release date, plot, and hidden trivia

Money Heist season four (La casa de papel) increased the action and and have definitely pumped up the bloodshed as compared to the previous three seasons. Although, the fans were expecting season four to be a lot like season 2, as after season 2 the heist was almost wrapped up. Things didn’t go as planned, giving the heist gang more time to figure things out. Season 4 ended with a cliffhanger, which is why fans were hoping for Money Heist season 5. Which is great because Netflix just confirmed that there will be a season 5! On 31st July, Netflix officially announced the return of Money Heist but sadly this will be the final season and it will be coming with a bang, saying “the heist will come to an end”. This season will be shot in Spain, Denmark, and Portugal. This final season will have 10 final episodes. The production has started on 3rd august, and the plans for season 5 has been laid down.

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Funny parody movies you shouldn’t miss – Part 2

We hope you liked our previous post on this subject “Funny parody movies you shouldn’t miss – Part 1”. This time we are highlighting another set of funny parody movies especially the ones that became such a hit that their sequels were made. Scary Movie and Austin Powers are my favorites, we’ll have to wait for yours till you watch these.

Let’s get on to it once again and set you up for watching these hilarious spoofs.

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The Girl On The Train : Viewers’ reactions to Parineeti Chopra’s film

Parineeti Chopra starrer Murder Mystery ‘The Girl on the Train’ was released on Netflix on 26 February. The psychological thriller is directed by Ribhu Dasgupta. It was scheduled to be released in the theatres in May 2020, but got delayed due to the Covid pandemic. Aditi Rao Hydari is also getting praised for her role in the movie.

Read about the movie and the viewers’ reactions to this movie on social media.

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Upcoming Netflix movies that you shouldn’t miss!

The craze of Netflix is spreading fast and they just keep coming with more and more amazing series and movies. For all those who always faced an issue with finding just the right movie to watch, then you are in luck to have made a stop here at Piccle.
So off we go with a list of upcoming movies that you can be Netflixing soon if you like the plot and the cast. Don’t forget to like us if you like any of these movies!

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Reasons Why Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Is A Must-Watch

Swara Bhaskar’s “Bhaag Beanie Bhaag”, is making waves already and has made it to Top 10 charts on Netflix India. The title itself attracted countless Indians even before its release.

Even as the trailer suggested that it is a The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel rip-off, the series maintains its originality. Beanie Bhatnagar leaves behind her boring fiancé and luxurious life to walk ahead to achieve her dreams. Read On for more!

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Mirzapur: Facts, Trivia and Surprises!

For the uninitiated, Mirzapur is a series on Amazon Prime Videos that was premiered on Nov 16, 2018. Season 1 of the series was an instant hit with the fans with the dialogues, scenes and characters becoming a meme favourite. The season ended in a gory and tragic end that left the fans asking for more.

Season 2, is no different, although this time the creators have also shown the murkier side of UP politics along with the usual power struggle amongst gangs to take over Mirzapur. Let’s take you through the #facts, #trivia and the #surprises in Mirzapur2 and how the creators, once again, ended Season2 at a crucial juncture for fans to wait eagerly for Season3.
Such a violent and tragic end of season 1 left the fans asking for more, however, when the wait didn’t end even after more than a year from the Season 1 release date, the fans got anxious and started posting on various social media demanding an immediate release of Mirzapur2. Let’s take you through the #facts, #trivia and the story about how the fans pushed Amazon Prime Videos to announce the release of season 2.

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Underrated Web Series You’re Probably Missing Out On

Being at home for so long might have been very boring if we didn’t have Netflix or Prime. However, binge-watching has its own problems. Months into the lockdown, most of us have completed all the popular series and the time seems to be moving so slow now. But we’ve got a ‘Surprise’ for you.

Here’s a list of web series that you probably haven’t heard of but, if you can trust a fellow binge-watcher, they’re worth a shot!

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15 Totally Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

With all the extra time at hand as we continue to stay at home, we finally have the chance to catch up on some TV shows. No one likes the lockdown, however, for the binge-watchers, this has turned out to be an opportunity to catch-up with all the TV series that have been on their list. So close the blinds, put on your sweatpants and get some popcorn ready.

Here are some binge-worthy shows on Netflix that will surely keep you from getting bored. We’ve tried to keep the mix very balanced from series based on action, thriller to romance to comedy and even animation series.

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Netflix Secret Codes: Find Hidden Content

If you are into binge-watching, you are going to love this one. Read on.

With an ever-growing library of content, there is plenty to watch on Netflix – as long as you can find something that interests you. We have all experienced the issue of content overload when you have an idea of what you want to watch out, but you can’t quite narrow it down with so many available options.

The streaming service does allow users to search by general categories, but it gets difficult if you want to get even more specific, there is, however, a trick to help you out.

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