IPL 2021 Points table just before 2nd phase

All IPL fans have waited for a long for this moment to arrive. IPL is starting in 2 days and even though it isn’t happening in India we are still happy that we will get to see our favourites fighting it out. As much as Covid Pandemic derailed IPL, our undaunting spirits made it possible to continue the tournament.

As we anxiously wait for matches to start, let’s have a look at the IPL 2021 Points table just before 2nd phase.

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Top 5 wicket keepers for your fantasy Cricket team

The wicketkeeper is one of the most crucial members of a cricket team. The keepers can’t bowl they can take a wicket just like any bowler. Today wicketkeepers have worked on their batting skills and are one of the fastest scorers. They can pick wickets purely with their skills by stumping or catching the batsmen behind the wicket.

With their keeping and batting skills, they can be game-changers. Read on for Top 5 choices.

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How to create the best fantasy cricket team

Fantasy cricket fever is running as high as the IPL fever in the country. For those who haven’t tried it yet, it’s fun as you get to create your own team and earn points based on the performance of your players. You’ve to think like a captain as a good captain would know how to create the best fantasy cricket team.

But even captains need help so here we are for the most important tips on how to choose a winning team!

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Top 5 contenders for the Purple cap in IPL 2021

IPL is known as a fast-paced tournament with sixes flying around in every match. The nailbiting finish in many important matches has led the game to be dominated by batsmen. Even though the bowlers don’t get as much limelight as the batsmen, they have proven to be equally good match-winners as the men with the bat.

So, here at Piccle, we thought to bring you the list of Top 5 contenders for the Purple Cap in IPL 2021.

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ICC changed the way the third umpire reviews LBW

Ever since DRS (Decision Review System) was introduced in the game of cricket, it has changed the way cricket used to be played. Many a time DRS has changed the course of the game by reversing a decision at a crucial juncture. And now there is another decision that will change the game of cricket forever.

The ICC has made changes related to DRS reviews of LBW decisions. Let’s see how these changes can impact the game.

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Seemingly unbreakable records in IPL

The famous American athlete Mark Spitz once said, “Life is true to form; records are meant to be broken.” However, there are some records that are so incredibly tall that they seem almost unbreakable, especially when it comes to sports. There is no platform better than IPL when it comes to making or breaking of records.

There are so many good and bad performances that we have quite a few seemingly unbreakable records in IPL.

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Most expensive players in IPL history

IPL is more than a month away but this year’s auction has already upped the excitement levels. The highest bid for a player went as high as 16 crores and the lowest was 20 Lacs. The expensive players in the IPL earn more than a Bollywood celebrity. Since the first season, we have seen that the bidding gets fierce for good players.

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 most expensive players in the history of IPL.

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Mind-blowing differences in IPL stats of Indian Vs. Foreign Players

IPL is a level playing field where players from different cricketing countries come together on the same platform and compete as a team with each other irrespective of which country they represent. Such a heterogeneous composition of cricket teams shall remove all biases and the performance of the Indian and non-Indian players should be free of their nationality.

You will be surprised to know that there are spectacular differences in the way the Indian and non-Indian players have performed over last 12 years and it didn’t matter which foreign country the non-Indian players belonged to and how much have they played on Indian soil earlier.

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Fantasy Cricket Tips for RR Vs PK – Match #4 of IPL 2021

The ever-changing flow of the game is what makes IPL more interesting. The same also causes problems for fantasy sports players to predict the players’ performance and match outcome. So here’s all the help that you’d be needing to place your bets on today’s IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings.

We bring to you our pre-match analysis and the playing XI that you can choose for your fantasy cricket team.

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Why Arjun Tendulkar was picked in the IPL auction but Hanuma Vihari wasn’t!

IPL 2021 edition will start in April 2021 but the atmosphere is already charged up after the auction. The IPL auction this year saw new records for the highest price paid for a player at Rs. 16.5 Crores. Arjun Tendulkar was picked but Hanuma Vihari, the saviour of India against Australia went unsold, so did many other stalwarts. Is there a method to this madness?

Let’s try to understand what happened and why it happened!

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