Funny parody movies you shouldn’t miss – Part 1

Parody movies take films we’re familiar with and make fun of them through gags, jabs and imitations. They take you in a different world of imagination where heroes aren’t as heroic and goof-ups are so common. The best part? You don’t really need to watch the original movies they were inspired by to fully enjoy them.

Here are some of the best parody movies of all time which will make you shed tears of laughter!

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Upcoming Marvel Studios movies that you shouldn’t miss!

Can we ever get enough of Marvel movies? Of course not! There is a bunch of upcoming Marvel Studios movies for 2021 and 2022. Some of them are sequels of superhero movies that we have already seen but a few of them will be seen for the first time. My personal favourite – The eternals.

For the fans of the Marvel Studios, we bring to you our top picks that you should not miss at any cost. So, let’s just get on with it!

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Hollywood Jargons you never understood!

Hollywood Jargons not only make the movie characters more realistic and also increases their style quotient. Even though the flow of the movies often makes us ignore these jargons we all wonder, once in a while, about ‘What the heck does that mean?

Do you understand who a ‘Shrink’ or ‘Snitch’ is? OR know the meaning of ‘Sitrep’ or ‘BOLO’? If no, then read this fun collection of commonly used Hollywood jargons.

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Tenet: The most awaited Hollywood movie released in India.

Tenet is one of the most awaited 2020 Hollywood movies in Indians. It is a Sci-Fi action-thriller written and directed by the legendary Christopher Nolan, and produced by Emma Thomas. This movie is a co-production between the United States and the United Kingdoms.

The plot revolves around a US secret agent, as he manipulates the flow of time to avoid and stop World War III. Read all about the mystery bullets and more!

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Hollywood Movies Inspired By Indian Movies

It’s a quite well-known fact that numerous movies in Bollywood are a remake of superhit Hollywood movies or at least inspired by movie plots from Hollywood. But the converse is also true, many a time Hollywood has turned to India for inspiration. It is surprising that despite big cultural differences, the Indian and western movie industries have been able to adapt the movie plots with such ease.

And no it isn’t a recent phenomenon this has been going on for years, rather decades. We don’t mean to have a showdown but it feels good that even the most advanced movie industries have been looking into Indian movies to get new ideas.

Have a look and tell us in comments how many have you seen.

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Celebs Who Cheated on Their Partners

The starry world of movies shows our favourite stars falling in love with the “One” girl in the movies and getting married and living happily ever after. Reality check, life isn’t a ‘happy ending’ movie. There are umpteen stories to believe that our celebs are no better in handling their instincts when they meet someone exciting – someone other than their spouse. With so many pretty faces around, Fidelity is difficult to maintain.

Here is the list of celebrities’ infidelity and some names are so loved by the fans that it might even shock you that they indulged in adultery.

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