The most important vitamin for your immunity

Vitamins are vital for our well-being. With immunity being the topmost priority right now, vitamins have become an essential part of our diet. Multi vitamin tablets and syrups can be found in every household today.

But which vitamins do you need the most right now? Which vitamins actually strengthens your immune system? What are the natural sources for each Vitamin? Here are all the answers related to each vitamin.

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Yoga asanas to strengthen your lungs

Yoga asanas have always been known as the way to a perfectly healthy life. In the current situation, physical and mental well-being is more important than ever and Yoga comes with just that! It’s high time to resort to yoga if you haven’t already. Lungs are the most commonly and severely attacked organ by the COVID-19.

While you’re giving your best for better immunity, learn these yoga asanas to strengthen your lungs.

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A beer a day keeps the doctor away.

The Pharaohs are often called the first “brewmasters”. The first beers were brewed with ingredients like dates, pomegranates, herbs. Beer has been used as a beverage, medicine, cooking, and other purposes and the taste of beer has evolved to be fermented the way it is now.

Did you know beer is more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks? Read about the health benefits of drinking one beer a day here on Piccle!

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Mayonnaise hair mask to fix your frizzy hair

Is frizzy hair one of your biggest concerns? Only people with frizzy hair know how hard it is to get along with them. Products designed to tame your strands don’t really work and the frizz is back once you stop the expensive hair treatments. If only we had an easy and pocket-friendly solution to it.

Search no more. This DIY hair mask will give you smooth hair and involves simple ingredients right from your kitchen!

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Now stay fit with 4-Second Workout

It’s natural to be sitting longer while working from home. We all try or at least think about doing something to avoid back pain, weight gain and other related problems but fail to do so due to paucity of time.

According to a new research even small bouts of intense exercise can help neutralize the harm prolonged sitting causes. Know all about the new 4-second workout to stay fit without spending hours in exercising.

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Age-old food myths busted!

Food myths are one of the most pervasive myths as they keep passing on from generation to generation without anyone questioning what their parents told them. From fruits and vegetables to Vitamins and even honey, we all have been falsely believing facts that aren’t true. No one knows how most of these myths came to be.

Let’s try and shake a few of your notions about these 6 foods and break some age-old food myths!

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How to manage stress due to Work from Home

We are close to completing a year since the lockdown and also since we started working from home. The work from home has become the new norm and even though it has suited some more than the others, but the inability to move out freely has taken a toll on our health. As days pass, the stress due to work from home is becoming a big concern.

Here are a few tips to handle your stress as you continue to work from home.

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What is Matcha tea- The power-packed healthiest drink around

Green tea has been known for its health benefits for decades but did you know that it has a healthier variant as well? Matcha tea, a traditional Japanese green tea, is actually healthier than regular green tea. Should you switch to this beverage? Read on to know!

It is believed to help in weight loss, prevent heart diseases and type 2 diabetes and also in fighting cancer. Know all about this wonderful drink!

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How changes in COTPA law may affect smokers and non-smokers!

It’s a widely known and accepted fact that tobacco is harmful to our health. Though the sale and consumption of tobacco are already subject to a number of laws, the government has decided to make the COTPA law more stringent, which has caused a ruckus in the industry recently.

The laws are completely in the favour of our health, so why the ruckus? Read on to know more!

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Brucellosis – Another Epidemic Exported to India by China?

As the world is still trying to understand how to deal with the Coronoavirus Pandemic and India grappling with the deadly virus with more than 59 Lacs cases resulting in more than 93,300 deaths, there are reports suggesting that a China originated bacterial disease has found its way to India.

Brucellosis can affect both humans and animals. The outbreak of this deadly disease was reported in China. Recent reports suggest that the infectious bacteria has already found its way to India. Read on to know more about the disease, causes and how to stay safe.

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